Posted by: guinness222 | March 18, 2007

Paddy’s Day and still alive!

Bit of a silly title, but there you have it. As a second generation Irish American, and proud of my families heritage, I guess I’m expected to kill large quantities of brain cells on March 17th! DUH! That’s amateur night, I let the Scots, the French, the Polish, and the Russians all do that. I go home early, sit back have a few pints and get up feeling fine the next day! (Boring, but you know every cop within a thousand miles is looking to bag Paddy’s Day revelers!)
So this morning I’m into severee “crunch mode” a/k/a “cram time”. I’ve got to take this test on this course I’ve been taking this week and it’s the last step in becoming the “professional” in my trade. The last step before putting my own Company together and starting back into the almost better than sex thrill of owning your own business. (No I’m not crazy, you have not lived until you’ve owned your own business now that is the biggest rush there is aside from the aformentioned sex thing!)
I’ll try and describe it for you. First there is no “boss” but you, so the rules, the policy, the system, the entire enchilada is yours. Don’t like the hours, just change them!, Don’t like the dress code,…change it! Want to make more money than ever before,…go get it! Want a wee wet bar in your office,….feel free! Imagine if it really was “all about you”!
Now don’t go running out to open an office just yet,…then there is the other side of it. What do you mean there were no checks in the mail today? (Oops, guess I gotta go out and do something to earn it!) And the nerve of the newly hired Administrative Assisstant asking where her first paycheck was! Guess she didn’t know that if the mailbox has no checks we have no payroll,…silly twit, she just needs to have faith. They’ll be beating the door down any day now. Maybe in the meantime I’ll “squeeze in” a round of golf, my schedule seems pretty open this week.
Now dear reader I presume you’re getting the picture. I credit you all with great intelligence on this scenario.
Truth is you work harder than you’ve ever worked, you work longer than you’ve ever worked before (“Honey, can you swing by the office and drop me a clean shirt,….and I promise I’ll be home before midnight, I promise, I just have a few finishing touches to put on this proposal and have it in the mail dated today.”)
Regular meals means you know what time MacDonald’s and Burger King both open and close, and peanut butter and crackers are one of the four food groups. (The other three are coffee, bagels, and hot dogs!) But the riush is incredible. The human body and it’s bucket full of brain cells is an absolutely marvelous machine. It can flex in almost circles, it can function more continuous hours than in a day on a quick “nap”, hunger? What’s that, only another six or eight pages then I’ll think about eating. Your own business is the world’s best diet, I guarantee you will be losing weight big time if you are paying attention to business and making sure that mailbox fills up with checks from your clients and customers so you can feel the rush of signing your first paycheck to an employee. And what about the thrill of just “casually” passing out YOUR busness card with the word “President” orr “Owner” under your name. God life is good.
You will sleep the sleep of the dead, you will not remeber laying your head on the pillow because you closed your eyes first, and that was what seems like only three minutes ago and the alarm is just about to go off in another three more minutes!
Granted owning your own business is wonderful, for some. It can be hell for others, but the bottom line boils it down to only a couple of questions. Here is your test:
1. Where would you draw the line at giving up your time, your social life, and your belief in yourself to succeed?
2. Do you REALLY believe in whatever the business you want to start, and do you have a single doubt that it may not make it?
3. Do you really mind leaving for the two day vacation on Wednesday and being back at the desk on friday?
4. Can you commit to “give up” everything you have to follow a dream,…your dream, whatever it is?

Me I love it, sure some fail, some succeed, some make money and spin it off to you and others suck it in like a giant vacuum cleaner. But at the end of the “journey of life” I can honestly say, “been there, done that, got the tee shirt” There will never be a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that surfaces sometimes and says, “Gee I wonder where I’d be if I had followed that dream or idea I had “back then” !”
Like Mr. Spock used to say, “Live long and prosper”


  1. …..and yes it automatically comes with a wife who is already a certified saint! Thanks Honey
    Mr. G

  2. You’re not a stupid man after many years of marriage are you? 😛

    I thought I was one of the only souls left on Earth (besides my mother and those dredful trekkie people) that quote Leonard Nimoy. I’ve often thought I’d love to have my own business only problem is I have no clue what it would be. Someday I will have my own martial arts dojo though. Just gotta get my pregnant butt back in shape!

    Good thinking on St. Paddy’s day too. Most of the smart people I know were home away from the crazies and cops. I was too but a large reason for that was because i was sick and had a fever, but I digress. I’ve got the Irish and the Scottish blood in me to want to do the drinking, but I also have the wisdom of hangovers not to (that and the wee one I’m growing at the moment.)

    Much luck on the test!!

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