Posted by: guinness222 | March 26, 2007

My "Get up and go" done got up and went!

Got plenty of rest this weekend, got plenty of food, minimized “alcholic libations” (to a degree), went to church, so I should be ready to go back to work today,…..but I’m not.
Maybe I’m enjoying the peace and quiet at the new office too much, or then again maybe I just need more “down time”. Who knows, certainly not me. I’ve got a big conference call this afternoon at 4 p.m. otherwisw I’d wrap it up earlier than usual today and chill out at the Pub. But got to take the phone call!
It all started when I sat down to do budget planning for myself. (It’s a well thought out exercise I’ve been doing for years just before my employment anniversary date.) It’s done with the “raise” in mind. Sort of my “personal philosophy of adequate compensation”
I started it years ago when I had my own companies, and it’s pretty simple. If you’ve ever tried to get a job, or change jobs, or otherwise looked to improve your “lot” in life there are multiple factors at play. Everyone of them can be good, or bad for you in both the long and short runs. For example, you really want the job, you are all “gung-ho” about it as a career builder, etc.etc.,…but several months later while you are trying to figure out how to make your paycheck get you a point you can even think about buying meat again it strikes you,…”I’m slowly starving to death at this job!”. Or maybe as you are sitting having your evening meal at about 9:30 pm it dawns on you you haven’t seen the sun either rise or set in weeks! You’re into the office, or whatever, before it comes up, you don’t get done ’til after it’s set, and you feel totally buried in work.
So why do you do it? Answer is usually a lame one like “Well, what else am I going to do?”
Get off your arse and smell the roses. You are no better than a chunk of meat hanging in the Butchers window. You are worth what the market will bear, or whatever you can be had for. That’s the plain and the simple of it.
I’ve always thought this bullshit is almost a self filling phrophecy. For example, how bloody hard are you going to be ABLE to work when you don’t make enough to pay all your bills? Or when you are basically rationing a bottle of peanut butter and a loaf of bread and hoping you make it to payday, or that someone says, “come on, I’ll buy”? So what can be done? Exactly what I started practicing years ago.
I never, ever quibble about what an employer offers to pay me,…EVER! I nevere go around the office or whatever whining about making ends meet,…EVER. I tackle every task and project like Hercules on steroids, ….an d never approach the boss for a raise,…EVER! Why because I’m not stupid. I know I’m learning valuable insights as to the business, valuable experiance in handling clients, valuable connections and a reputation in or at whatever it is I am doing. Soooo, who do you hurt if you, my boss or employer, fail to take care of me properly? Why you silly, and your business, because I gave you the opportunity to have me, I gave you the opportunity to watch my work, my reliability, my “output”, my ability to work with every range of person on this earth, and you gained HUGE insights as to who I am.
And the bottom line is simply this. If your almighty dollar in your pocket means that much to you, if that little voice in the evil part of your mind says “you got him he’s not going anywhere and you can flip him crumbs and he’ll be grateful” If this is how you think, you absolutely will lose with me, becasue I’ll drop you like a hot rock at a time and choosing of my own, and usually when you least expect it!
When I hired people for my own companies that I owned they would always ask “How much do you pay?” and my answer was always “How much do you want?”. While they mulled that over and were wondeering if I was a whacko, or it was a “trick question” and if they answered too high I would just brush them off, I’d proceed to tell them this.

“I’ll pay you whatever you want me to pay you within reason, that’s fair. So if you want $800 a week, that’s what I’ll pay you, because that’s what you are telling me you are worth, and I’d be stupid not to hire some one that good over a petty thing like salary. BUT I also know what you should be sharing with me for the $800 I’m going to give you. Again the bottom line is sort of a variation on the golden rule, If you tell me you want “X”, and I know what I expect you to deliver for that “X” then as long as we both live up to our end of the bargiain all is fair and equal. You can’t be pissed at me for “under-paying”, and I can’t be pissed for you “under-performing”. All we have is a simple equation of relative values for both of us to be happy!
Now in the event that you are indeed not deliverying enough to justify what you asked for, PLEASE fully understand that difference must dictate how long I can reasonably be expected to hold up my end of the bargain and deliver you the weekly check,right? If you are delivering $750, or $785 in business I can be alittle more patient than if you are only delivering $300, or $400, or even $500 in business. So all I ask is that you too think like I have to as a businessman and THEN tell me what you want to make. Remember YOU KNOW what you got, and I’m willing to put my money square on your promise to me that you will indeed deliver. But the wider the difference in our joint agreement for your pay versus your work the less time I can keep you here taking money away from my own family. Now is that so hard to understand?
Surprise, folks thought a little harder, and some just flat out knew they were not prepared to work that hard and simply thanked me for my time and left. That’s how life should be, a fair days work for a fair days pay, AND a fair days pay for a fair days work.
Think about it. Where are you on the “fair scale”,…anmd how about your company?

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