Posted by: guinness222 | April 9, 2007

We are all going seriously mad!!

Get ready for what I call an “old fart post”. It’s just that the older I get the absolutely daffier this entire world gets!! Help! Where are the Martians when you really need them!
I’m going to number these things so I can get them all done. Obviously it’s going to take more than a single “blog” to handle them. Secondly I’m asking for your help as well. I’m sure each and every one of you has things which really “trip your trigger” as well. Comment at the end of this and let me know you’re “hot button” and we’ll see if I agree or not.
(Oh! Great concept “Hot Buttons” maybe I can design something and we can award them to worthy poster as well as market them on the net!)

#1 – Ok I’m a Christian, a Roman Catholic in fact. My life beliefs include a “God” who does not advocate hurting other human beings. Now my Jewish friends have a “God” who according to thier Bible says basically if they hurt you you can hurt them! (The eye for an eye thing.)Now who the hell are these “whacko’s” whose “God” tells them if they ain’t with us,…”off ’em”? Now I’m not saying all Muslims are bad, as neither are all anybody else “bad”, but what I am saying is simply that it’s time to “saddle up” and go find these clowns and do WHATEVER IT TAKES” to rid them from breathing the air of intelligent people. Bigot you say,…NAY says I. I’d blow them away as soon as I’d blow away a whacko Jew, or a whacko Christian! They are not Muslims, Jews, or Christians at all. They are the evangelical branch of the Fundamentally Whacko Church!
Now Hitler made no provision for “good” or “bad” amongst the Jews and Gypsies and non-heterosexuals of the world,…hence he was a certifiable WHACKO. And these dudes are as well. Take off the gloves and let’s just do it! Shoot them in the street and leave them to bleed to death, torture and humiliate them where ever and when ever you find them,…anyone with a problem with that? Oh, but what about the innocent ones, I hear form the back of the room. If you’re innocent stand up and be counted, rat out a bad guy, show us, (the rest of the world) how really civilized you want to be. Don’t say your prayers five times a day and then go home and stash some C4 for your neighbor. Shove it up his ass and air condition his colon for him!!
I keep going back to Winston Churchill who once said “there are only two countries in the Middle East, Egypt and Isreal, …the rest are all tribes.”
Let’s just call the old “biggie” in Pakistan and give him two weeks to turn over the local “Whackos” and prove he gave us all of them, or we’ll just come in and get them ourselves. How do we tell? Easy We give all the guys a sixpack of Bud, a Playboy magazine, and see who says “No”, they are gone! Let’s pack Gitmo up to the roof until the whole damn nation of Cuba sinks into the ocean. (Bye Fidel we let you lolly gag around about six decades too long anyway!
Then the whacko Iranians!

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