Posted by: guinness222 | May 4, 2007

No I’m not dead, ….just incredibly busy.

The convolution of events is a really strange thing. I’m pressed for time but I’ll try and do a quick one for you.
A. Next week, May 8th to be exact, marks my first full year with my present company. I’ve written a five page , single spaced review of the company for them. (#1 FACT, I work for myself and my family, NOT a company, ergo they need, and I oblige, to be “reviewed” each year as they do to me, to determine whether they are worth the continued delivery of my services, or not.
B. I’ve been approached by a man with big money (in fact by two different men!) who are willing to set up a company for me to run in the same business as the Company I am currently employed by. No strings, full access to a million dollars for start up and no return expectations for three years minimum and then a full return structured over five more years including thier total exit from the company and I recieve full ownership!
C. Yesterday while attending a symposium on Hurricane and insurance preparation and planning I get a phone call from another Company in the same business who wants to take me to lunch. (I met with these fols about five months ago and they indicated they would like me to entertain coming over to thier firm “down the road”) Sure, I’l go,(beats the hotel’s Purina Conference attendee food) So long stiry short they want me as well. My own big office, my own personal Administrative Assisstant, half the number of accounts I currently handle, more money and better benfits, bonuses for any accounts I bring or that follow me unsolicited to the new company, 90 review, and a full general managership when the guy above me (who is late 60’s and looking medically not too good) retires. Plus full autonomy of operations!

Ok, friends, so be side a lot of analysis and soul searching this weekend, any suggestions? I’ll expand on my thoughts tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. (I have an Annual meeting tomorrow that will take about 4 hours so it might be sunday.

Mr. Guinness

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