Posted by: guinness222 | May 6, 2007

"The die is cast!"

Trivia #1 : Who said “The die is cast” and what were the circumstances. (And no it was not me playing Monopoly!)

Oh well, off to newer and more exciting things. I guess I’ll try and “talk through” my employment decision with you and see what you think.
On the one hand I really and truly love what I do. It is absolutely different and “stat” everyday, from the mundane of a broken sprinkler head, or some drunk kicking down the front door of a unit at 3:30 in the morning, to like yesterday at a meeting I had telling about twenty-five folks they spent about $2.0 million apiece on a gorgeous building two years old that needs at least $4.0 million worth of repairs to make it another six years, or it may very well just wash into the sea. (And when it was all over they thanked me for my research, strategy, and presentation and said, “do whatever you need to do to fix things and we’ll cover it”, God I love my job.)
It’s what a friend of mine called “Irish Diplomacy” , the art of telling someone they are going to hell and leaving them looking forward to the trip!
Anyhow, It’s “crunch time” again. I told the owner of the Company that just offered me a much better compensation package, a full time Administrative Assisstant, and 75% coverage for all my benefits on thier nichel, plus a workload of HALF the number of Associations I manage now! Should have taken the job,….damn it!

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