Posted by: guinness222 | May 12, 2007

Saturday, Geritol, sex, and life!!!!

Bizarre heading, you bet, bizarre writer!
I’m sitting here on a Saturday evening watching a history channel documentary on riveting iron together with 1940’s film clips. Cool!!!
I’ve been out working all day, stopped at my boss’s office yesterday and told her the dollars I put in my memo were NOT negociable and that I viewed my mempo as notice,…either a reminder if they meet my demands, or…goodbye that day of my review. I reminded her that if they could not meet my criteria as of next friday the 18th, it meant GOODBYE by 5pm that day. I indicated I would stillbe able to transition my accounts if she would be ghonest and the next week could be productive,…or not, her choice. She continues to hardline!!
Oh well, not my problem as I have all the paperwork filled out for the new comapny, have to go take a pee test (give me a break,…62 and a half and you think I may be on drugs!!!! DUH!! I’m 62 because I don’t do drugs!!! Me and my liver have a threesome going with Aurthur P. Guinness, not Mary Jane “how you doing?”.
Tried Mary J once ,…so whats the big deal? I’ll take three legal pints of Guinness and be there a little later, but a little more legally!
Rambling now,…time to sign off. Analyzing Jordan sent me a question challenge and I’ll try and answer that tomorrow.
Be cool!

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