Posted by: guinness222 | July 4, 2007

Feast or Famine!

I can’t help it,…here is another blog within two hours!

I started thinking about stress at the end of my last blog (go read the irrational mumblings of “Yoda” in the previous blog) and began to wonder what the major stressors on your life REALLY are, and if, just perchance, we are all carrying the same, but different “loads” that create the very same stressors. I think YES we do, here’s why;
We are all human beings, as imperfect as we are, we all have fundamental wants, desires, and needs. Sometimes being deprived of those cause big stress, and sometimes that stress seems almost too much to overcome. For example, food. As the Nun’s used to remind us in grammar school constantly, “there are people starving all over the world”. Do they feel “stressed”, or “hungry”? I venture “hungry” and could give a shit about stress, but that hidden stress will consume them even while they hunger.
How about most of us? Sure we may not be “hungery”, but what of the more “civilized”, lack of money? Is that not hunger of a different nature, and even if we get more of it don’t we tend to “need” even more of it to keep from stressing out? Shit yes!
(Down the “long ago” road) the mortgage payment on the first house we owned was a whopping “$128 a month”,…shit, now I pay $1,778 a month! Boy am I glad I’m getting ahead,…but am I really, or just becoming more stressed by higher payments to try and “stay even” with where I “want to be”? Should I re-think where I really want to be? Or how I “want to be” within our world? Would that reduce stress?
Then there is the “double whammy” of working in environments that are ever changing and as an “employee”, regardless of all other factors, for the most part you are simply “there” while you can be afforded, while you do not disrupt the income stream and life styles of those above you. If you do, even if they are behind thier own blunders in running a business, you will pay the price,…un-employed! This is the survival of the fittest epitomized. Add another layer of stress that you really can’t control,…but you’ll try. Everyone should own thier own business, or at the very least believe in thier own ability and worth to do anything and provide for themselves, and remember a “JOB” is an anacronym for JUST OVER BROKE.
How about family? Can they be stressful to you? You bet your butt! Sometimes it’s petty, sometimes it’s not. One of our strongest emotions is “Love”. A loved one going through illness, any type or form of death in a family, they are all sad and large stressors. When it’s hard to get your head around a simple word like “WHY?”. Or a meddlesome relative, a sister or brother, aunt or uncle whom you love but they just annoy the shit out of you for whatever reason, they are “bubble-headed”, or “too freakin’ serious”, or whatever.
Then there are “friends”. A hurtful remark is a stressor, and a lot of the time the person does not even realize they are causing a friend stress. Obligations expected beyond where YOU want to be obligated, committments beyond where they really want to be “committed” It’s all there. Some friends stay, some go, and some just never are, but simply acquaintances,… ships passing in the night.
We are our own stressors 24/7.
Maybe the concept of the “soul-mate” is the only way to minimize individual stress. For me it works. The wonderful world of men and women, or the struggle of men and women, all looking to get to the same place,…Nirvana, Heaven, “The Garden of Peace” whatever you choose to call it,…isn’t that the ultimate pursuit? Some of my blog friends have found it, some are almost desperate to find it, some have opted to by-pass it because as the song says, “sometimes the pleasure ain’t worth the pain”, some have had it, lost it and life is consumed with regaining it, others found it, accidentally, lost it and are unsure if they dare want it again.
We are indeed all different, all in our own lives with stressors of every kind,unique to us, and dropped onto this “big blue marble” to make our way, offend not as many as we can, be kind to as many as we can, and lay back and watch the clouds go by above us because they do,…that’s thier role here.

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