Posted by: guinness222 | July 4, 2007

Let’s see, where are we going today??

First and foremost a Happy Birthday to The United States of America!!! It’s the fourth of July and aside from the traditional fireworks and cookouts, and obnoxious “party animals” on the loose (also known as Tourists on vacation, worse than the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ series believe me!)
My wife sais to me the other night “So how about we just go to the movies on the fourth and see the new Robin Williams flick?”
Says me, “That sounds good, then we go get a bite to eat, kick back and relax and read a bit (my weekly trips to Barnes & Noble has developed this stack of books on the coffee table (wonder why they call it that?) that I’m going to have to go get a month in Hospital to even think about catching up on! (Another side note: I used to love to read and went through at least a novel or book a week, now even if I really want to read the book it’s like time closes in on me! I’VE GOT TO CHANGE THAT! Reading was one of those things that kept me sane when I was going to work ten hours a day, going to college nights five nights a week, raising a family of three kids, and trying to “get ahead” in this rat race. Now no more college, no three kids to raise, enough(barely)money to stay a foot ahead of the wolves at the door, a new attitude to the rat race (Fuck it! Let the best rat win,…see you at the Pub.) Times change. Now my wife blows through books like they were nothing while I labor to find the time (“Stay out of the Pub and you’d have plenty of time!”, says she) oh, well!
If life is a bowl of cherrys,…then why do so may of us get pits?
How does a crazy person get through the forest?…They take the Phsyco-path!

Bad jokes live on!! But on to today. The sun is shining, I’m drinking coffee, sitting in the pit, and really beginning to wonder if God has a Blackberry like us to keep on top of things and all.
I thought of expounding on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, but then I realized I owe all my Australian friends and “blog-mates” a very sincere, and humble compliment. You guys hold the record for the highest percentage of citizens voting in any country in the world at your elections. The last number I saw was 96%!!! We are lucky is we get more than 45%,…that’s just plain sad! I must say there seems to be much more awareness, and “ownership” of your country, and I’m envious. I really get depressed when I realize that more than holf my country men don’t seem to give a shit!
OK, now I’m on a roll! Time to announce my platform to run for the President of the United States,…ready?
1. Once you hit 65, you are off the tax rolls. You made your contribution, good or bad, enjoy the rest of your life without the tax man up your butt!
2. We will be doing away with the Internal Revenue Service totally, immediately, in it’s place will be an 18% sales tax on everysingle thing you buy, no exceptions, no exemptions. (And guess what? If you can afford 18% on top of the price of a new Corvette,…go for it! I might just step down a notch and get the little, but still sporty Miata. Sort of stay within my means so to speak)
3. All medical care will be at a flat rate of $50 a month per person, deducted from your paycheck and sent to a national fund to administer. No job, no paycheck, no medical care,…you don’t care to work, you are on your own. You have a responsibility to the rest of us as wellas yourself. Oh one caveat, if you do get sick then no deduction for that month. The doctors should keep us all healthy, not just hang out and wait for us to get sick!!
4. Every citizen is entitled to a full one hour body massage every other week,….hmmmm I will guarantee the health of everyone goes up, and the sickness rates go down. (SOAP BOX PREACHY TIME: We are all stressed, and the vast majority of people I know haven’t a clue how to get rid of stress other than drink(not water and such,..but DRINK!), try and “work it out” with hours of brutal exercise (Yuck! pleasingly plump is a good thing.), or just let it build til you”blow up” i.e. rage blowup, petty blow up (you’re not wearing that again are you?), work blow up, “screw it I’ll look at it again tomorrow, etc.
This is going around like a balloon you blow up and let go of and it just goes all over the place. But it gave me a great idea for a challenge blog. So here goes:

HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH STRESS? But more importantly, how do you know you are stressed? Any physical, or emotional, or “red flag behaviours you are aware of?
Drop me a response so everyone can see, I’m really interested. And if you say you never get stressed,….well you need the full body massage more than I do for sure, ‘cuz I know I stress too much!
AND how do you relieve stress,…what works for you, meditation, working out, stuffing yourself with chocolate, a couple more than usual glasses of red, going to bed a lot earlier and sleeping a lot more,…what?

I’ll write my own first response.


  1. Ok, I said I’d write first.
    Well I try preventive measures. I stop EVERY night at the Pub, have a couple of Guinness, and try and leave my “shit” in the car so I can go home just happy to be there.
    I also listen to TONS of New Age musical, no lyrics, no chorus and verse,,just ebb and flow. In fact I put the music on everynight when I go to bed, and if it’s been particularly stressful let it go all night.
    And then there is the full body massage. turn my bones and mind into Jello at the same time, YES!

  2. What do I do when I’m stressed out?

    I sleep a lot, and I go out and drink a lot.

    That’s generally the two things that I just need to do when things are crazy.

    And on another note unfortunately Australia does not deserve the voting kudos.

    See, we have to as it’s compulsory over here. I suppose the up side of that is people just know they need to vote when elections are on, but yeah, there’s fines if you don’t.

    I think if they were to pass legislation where we didn’t have to the percentage of voter turnout would be much lower. But I think it’s madness when people don’t vote, compulsory or not.

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