Posted by: guinness222 | July 28, 2007

Onward with new technology under my belt!

So anyway, that’s how ’04 came and went, the “one a day” multiple hurricane days. I think we had about 18 or 19 “tropical events, i.e. storms, hurricanes (catagory 1, 2, 3, or “the kiss your ass goodbye numbers 4 and 5) and with great sighs of relief, knowing every human being broadcasting any time of the day or night on the weather channel, more about Jim Cantore (weather channel hurricane follower who goes “on the scene” and we all watch as he blows to and fro with bushes anf limbs of trees soaring by him in his sheik “Weather Channel” storm parka with his poor camera guy occasionally wiping a rag across the lens of the camera to keep it clear. Now a few more pix’s from the ’04 period.
Note all the erosion,…what beach, it used to be there!!

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