Posted by: guinness222 | August 5, 2007

Wanted: Hungry Attorney with balls!

NEVER thought I’d go looking for an Attorney, but then again I’m the one that trusts fellow human beings (despite being told by friends, for years, that is a STUPID thing to do!)
But let me ask you, my readers, IF we all purport to be “Godly” people, i.e. living by a code of morality and fairplay for all, then how could one deviate from that? Well, first there is greed, “I want it all”, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose what I got!”, and my personal favorite justification for a full fledged “Big Asshole” attack, “That’s not my problem, throw someone under the bus,…it’ll go away.”
I can live with the “pure greed”, or the pure “it’s all about ME”, but the “not my problem, throw someone under the bus”,….well that’s not tolerable at all. I’ve made mistakes in my life, I’ve “screwed up” on regular occasions, and I am far from being declared a “Saint”. But I’d never deliberately set about to destroy someone over strictly personal fear of losing an “account” which the firm deliberately screwed up a couple of years before I even joined it!
So as they say it all starts with “a little lie” (Lie #1 -My boss tells me the Board of Directors of one of my accounts wants a new manager. Within 24 hours I get peronal calls from a majority of the Board members asking me what the hell is going on, they don’t want me to be removed, and upon sworn bibles told me there was never any discussion of this,…ever. The problem was not created by me, therefor I have no need of going “under the bus”. In fact they are delighted I did the right thing and brought it to thier attention.)
Then the next little lie becomes easier, (Lie #2 – We’ve just about wrapped up a new big account that would be perfect for you and it would take a lot of the stress of the ten or twele little accounts you have”. Truth be told they are simply bidding on it at this point, and it is not a “good” account in that it’s members are not paying thier dues anywhere near on time and it will be a real adversarial situation to manage,…IF they get it.)
Then the next lie, well not really a lie, but a “cover your ass big time” move ( “We are going to give half your accounts to the new person, so you’ll have time to transition them over the next couple of weeks.” Gee why is it all the “high end” accounts being transitioned away from me, yet I get to keep the “little guys”?)

This is a rather OBVIOUS set of things is it not? You pull the high revenue accounts away from me immediately, keep me busy with the little guys whom you could really care less about, leave me only enough time to “transition” or train the new person, and coincidentally in a few weeks tell me the “big one” got away and there isn’t enough revenue coming in , what with just my “little accounts” so (Lie #3 coming up here) “While we really hate to do this We will have to let you go,….next week.”
So how do we head it off? Here are the options;
1. Call them out and confront them that they lied to my face, therefore there will be no changes, and I won’t train anyone to replace, oops sorry “transition”
2. Present them with a contract for my services for the next three years and ask for the signature or good bye today. Throw them to the wolves with all my clients at the same time with no time to react.
3. Hire an attorney and begin a class action suite on behalf of the clients they have been screwing up thier books for over the past ten years, and a personal “whistle blowers” suite on my behalf
4. Open my own firm, hire an Attorney to make shreds of the Non-compete contract they force you to sign before hiring you (Incidentally the ONLY firm of this type within a few hundred miles that does that.) AND then make a concerted effort to attack and acquire thier accounts to my own firm based on integrity and working “with” a client, and not spending every waking hour making sure we cover our ass!

So who knows a good attorney who loves to stick up for truth, justice and the REAL American way?

More in the next few blogs as this sorts it’s way out, and No I’m not paranoid, I’m a quick study on greedy self centered people particularly the ones who run around 24/7 telling eveyone what a “Christian Company” they run. That makes me very, very sick,….(the owner of the company went up to the former chief Administrative person, who is a devout Jew, put his arm around her shoulder and made the statement, “Boy isn’t it wonderful how our good Christian company all pulls together?” (Yup this boy’s a real “cracker, redneck, greedy “human being”)

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