Posted by: guinness222 | August 7, 2007

"…and now the rest of the story!"

Ok no suspense here. At 3:56pm yesterday I became officially an “un-employment statistic”. The firm agree to pay me for three more weeks, I agreed to finish out this week and transition my accounts to others, and other than that I guess my decsion to clean out all of my “stuff” last Saturday was a sound one. (Anyone know how to get HUGE Bus tiretread marks out of a shirt?)
Is this the end? Far from it. I suspect you’ll have a lot to read in the next few weeks. Number one, I have no intention of changing careers. Number two, I have no intention of honoring a “non-compete” agreement since the action was unilaterally thiers, and weighing what I was “resigned” for, versus what I know and can prove,…well I guess the best term is “bring it one Mother”.
First order of business today is acquire an exteranl 120 gig hard drive and “dump” my laptop computer files down to it for “future referance” (i.e. e-mails, spreadsheets, evidence of a form of “cookin’ the books”, etc., then wipe the Hard drive on the laptop clean. Ordered the hard drive on-line last night but any one know a “drop dead” great “scrubbing” program, and does the old “fdisk” still wipe out a drive as well if all else fails? My e-mails, my clients, my evidence!
Good thing I have been chatting with this guy about starting a new buiness in the same field, we had already planned to meet last night for me to provide him a final “laundry list” of things we need, his money is already in place, and he didn’t flinch when I told him I start needing a weekly check in about three weeks. But I’ve things to do today and putting down a lot on paper. I didn’t work my butt off for the past two years picking up credentials and “kudo” letters for nothing.
(sigh) I guess you know instinctively who the snales are, and where the land mines are, although I need to improve my timeling a little more, could have used about another three months before I made the move to “self-employment” again.
Good news is I’ve already paid for a six day vacation in Disney World in Orlando, Florida including all meals, tickets and everything else for September 11th to the 17th,…so I reckon I’ll be planning and planting between now and then, take my “vacation and clear my head, and then “kick it up a notch” on the 18th and hit the road rested and running.


  1. Sorry to hear about your “unfortunate unemployment”. I hate underhanded people. Just annoys me. I”m dealing with underhanded stuff where I work at the moment too. But at least I’m on maternity leave and only have to deal with it via email. 😛 Sorry haven’t commented in a while. Had baby on Aug. 3, 2007 and have been plenty busy. I will try to pop in more often though. Keep us updated.

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