Posted by: guinness222 | August 17, 2007

ok,…the Doc calls back (shit!)

“Well you’re experiancing the “withdrawal phase” of steroids.”
” And that means,….”
” a couple more weeks and you’ll be back to normal.”
” …and in the mean time?”
” Well, let me say it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”
“…land you’re going to give me prescription for it,…right?”
“Well,…it’s sort of like a real “re-hab” thing,…no prescription. you’re just
going to tough it out,…for a couple week.”
“Say what?”
“Sorry, nothing I can do!”

And that’s where we are.My face looking like a “medium pepperoni with cheese, heavy on the sauce”! Shit,…this sucks!

Anyway I’m back at you with the verdict. Friends and “worker buddies” think I’ve been just laying on the beach, soaking up the rays as a sign of my “contempt” from being fired, my new employers think I’m relaticely “cavelier”, and I hurt like the old “I’m glad I’m not a wopman and think this chemical peel shit is “cool”!!
Well , enough of that shit, another day goes by. The wife is already doing the “you should be on a sodium free diet”, my buddies at the Pub are into the “what, you quit workin’ and hanging on the beach with the sexy young chicks?”, and my forme5r employer has his minions calling to ask, “hoe are you doing, and by the way what can you tell me about the “X” Association?”
Now the key question for you, my faithful readers, a poll,….do I give ashit, or not?
Drop a line and let me know.


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