Posted by: guinness222 | August 20, 2007

Now the "old onion" phase begins!

The ‘old onion” is the phase where I stopped with the cream the Doc gave me Saturday morning. My face is turning back to the normal skin tones and vehicles don’t stop when they see my face anymore like when it was red,red. “Excuse me sir the kids aren’t back in school yet why are you crossing guards on the street now?”
Anyhow whatever was in the stuff has allowed me to return to a more normal color, despite everything just drying up and peeling. Sort of like the “old onion” in the bin that is drying out and flaking, or the garlic bulbs. (Really funny thing is that one of the “nutty things” about this whole process was like everytime I’d wash my hands or face I would get a whiff of Garlic! Really weird. I’d call my wife and say “Can you smell it?” and of course she couldn’t,…but it was there I swear!
The new Company I’m going to work for wants a few more clients aboard before they start to pay me. (Hmmmm! may have to check this one out,….can things be that tight? I know he fully expects one account to leave , as a matter of fact they will most probably give him notice today, we’ll see.)
I’ve decided to just go with the flow. I called the regular Doc and upped my blood pressure pills (no health insurance until I start the new job officially, and a single incident would put me in the crapper, believe me.) That’s another piece of shit with my old company, the day you go you’re gone, health insurance and everything,….now how morally right is that? God am I glad I don’t work for that “Christian Company” any more, or maybe the idiot that owns it really thinks he’s got a whole new sect of Christianity out there the “Fiorst church of ME, ME, ME!
Played in the kitchen last evening (haven’t done that in a while!) made an Apricot chicken dish with dill infused red bliss potatoes, and a “skillet” strawberry shortcake that was really cool. (If I knew how to insert the web link I’d show you, …but alas I ain’t that hi-tech yet.
One of my clients has a budget meeting this morning, and since I do the budgets I’d love to see how my company “bluffs” through this one! They haven’t even told them I’m not with the firm anymore. (I really am beginning to feel a real pang to drop a few large boulders on them for “shits and giggles”)
So what will I do today? Hurricane Dean is just cruising along with 130 m.p.h. winds and will probably hit the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico about noon or so tomorrow at it’s current pace. Then it’s going into the Bay of Campeche west of the Yucatan. The forecasters are calling for it to diminish greatly and become more of a tropical depression, BUT….just a little over ten years ago, a “tropical Depression” named “Opal” just sat in the Bay and began building, and bulding, and building,…then like a scalded dog it took off and slammed into the Fort Walton Beach Area, a scant ten mile from here. So I guess I’ll watch this one closely until it’s all gone!
Made up some “sole practitioner” business cards yesterday. I have a monthly luncheon and Continuing Education class tomorrow from noon til three so I guess we’ll do some heavy networking. (Until someone hands me a check I’m still a free agent and money does make the world go around and pays the bills.
I know!!! I’ll write an article on “watching your back” if you are a portfolio manager like I am. Oh well off to enjoy the day!

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