Posted by: guinness222 | August 21, 2007

Ok folks, time to go to work!!

Guess I’m a bit aggrevated today. Time for a few folks to get off thier asses and make things work for me. I have five, count them, five accounts that are ready,willing and able to go whereever I go, a total of over $75,000 in manageemnt revenue, another $130,000 in maintenance revenue, all ready. Board meetings already held, unanimous agreement to “Go where Mr. G. goes”. In fact I had the owner of one company actually call several of them up and confirm what I’m telling him! But alas they are all in the “Show me the beef!” realm as owners,….SOOOOO
Screw it, went on line filled in a few boxes, threw in a credit card, and Poof!!! Now I am a full fledged “Limited Liability Corporation” in the eyes of the State! Do I really need the folks out there , the doubting Thomas’s? Not really, but do I really want the real aggrevation of starting another whole business. At going on 63 odds are there aren’t too many “long term contracts” I will see for the next ten or twenty years, UNLESS I adopt the old “Today’s Sixty is the new Forty” mindset. Shit,…why not!
So I’m off to work tomorrow in “the pit” to set about a getting a Federal ID, or (shudder!!!) tax number, get a bank account open, line up my own contract forms (plagerism is the sincereest form of flattery!), see about a little health insurance for the employee’s (a/k/a Me & the Wife), and other mundane garbage.
Then I guess I’ll send out the contracts to those who have said they’ll follow, and see what happens.
More tomorrow, gotta go get my car from the shop. Radiator was 75% clogged up so it was over heating bigtime,…but I got a brand new radiator fan $193, a new radiator cap $18.65, a new Thermostat (free! they felt guilty that it has taken three times before the problem was ever found!) And God only knows how much this “clean-out costs! (It’s da’ big one ‘Lizbeth, I’m comin’- you gotta be a Sanford and Son fan for this one)

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