Posted by: guinness222 | August 28, 2007

Sorry Boys and Girls,…been on a mental vacation!

What with working every day and all kinds of other things going on in life I fianlly reached a point with my hiatus from the world of work and realized
I even had a full vacation in Disneyworld planned for a six day stint in September, and I even prepaid for it all. (Forget it, I ain’t even going to think about cancelling it! I was smart enopugh to buy the meal plan as welland all the tickets and reservations so shit! Just gonna go and relax and enjoy. I’ll be back to getting serious after that.)
And since it’s going to be a “grueling six days of FUN!” I guess I better rest up now and get in shape for it.ok, first the sleep regimen. No more five and a half hours, then up on the computer, checking the bank accounts etc.,….nope screw it. Go to bed at 10 pm and stay there til 8am, (it ain’t like I gotta be at work at 8!) Get up pour a cup of coffee, shower and shave, (I know some guys live for the days they can skip shaving for the day, me, shit I don’t even feel awake unless I shave it’s sort of an O/C thing (obsessive compulsive), then I’m human.)
Go dick around on the computer, touch base with the clients that are going to jump ship and come with me in Novemeber, make sure everybodies still happy and on track, do a few errands, make a few calls to “former business associates” (they are the most fun actually, here’s how they usually go;
Hey Ann, how’s things going?
“Pretty good, and how about you I heard they dumped you,…ah,…so what are you doing now?”
“Actually I’m just lining them all up, getting ready to create some havoc in the field,…you know?”
“Ah..yeah, I mean like who are you working for now.”
“Ann, Ann, remember I always told you never work for anyone but yourself, casue if you get a “JOB” it simply means “Just Over Broke”,….so why should I work for anyone else?”
“Well I mean you have to get a check right? Or did you start your own firm?”
“Actually I did start my own company, I am now officially a fully licenced and registered “LLC” (Limited Liability Corporation). Just finished registering it all about five days ago as a matter of fact.”
“Great, so what’s it called and what are you doing with it?”
“Awww,Ann, you know if I told you I’d have to kill you! I am getting ready to just pop everything wide open,…you know?”
“Y..e..s, but what are you going to do?”
“Well, today I’m probably going to have a bite to eat for lunch, work on a couple contracts and make a few corrections to them, then slip down to the pub for a couple of pints before supper,…you know, nothing strenuous.”
“But what exactly are you going to do?”
“Well,…it’s kind of a long story, but I guess,…oops, hold on a minute, it’s my damn cell.”
” Sorry just a few of the last minute detail thingies to take care of before we launch.”
“But what about your non-compete agreement?”
“I’m one of those stupid idiots that believe in the Constitution, you know the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If Mr. Magoo is that afraid of little old me after he’s had a dozen years to build and establish his shitty little company,well,….I guess my comment is “Bring it on Mother,…but be sure someone’s got your back, ’cause I’m gonna be all over your clients with truth, you can then explain to them the thing with the “blue smoke and mirrors” and the sublties of “misappropriation” versus a three year series of “bookeeping errors”.”
“So maybe we should get together and you can fill me in on all the stuff you’re doing?”
“Gee Ann, I’d love to but I have to be real careful not to let any of this slip out and all. Got a lot at stake here. Listen I’d love to talk more, but I just got a few e-mails I have to deal with like now. Take care kid and keep in touch,…adios”

And so it goes, keep ’em all guessing while I relax a bit more. Once Disneyworld is over and done, I’ll be ready for another three or four years of kick ass business pursuit, only this time it will be on my terms and for my company!

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