Posted by: guinness222 | August 31, 2007

August 31,2007 – What now?

Been very busy sheparding this lawsuit for one of my associations, in fact spent time with Banks setting up million dollar credit lines yesterday.
This morning I found an interesting site on the web, it is “” it’s one of those survey type sites in that you answer a whole bunch (maybe 40 questions) about health history, background, medicines, activity levels, exercise(what the hell is that?), and they compare them all in some big “black program” and send you the results. The bottom line is that there is your biological age, your mental age, and your physiological age. So biologically you could be 40, mentally 21 (sometimes accused of that!), and physiologically 65. Granted I’m citing extremes here, but I’m waiting for the e-mail results. Sure would be nice to be biologically the 62.5 I am, but mentally about 40, and physiologically about 50. But I reckon due to my being “built for comfort not speed” the physiological might be about 70! I’ll let you know when I get the info (provided my answers did’nt blow up thier computer program.
I had some time to kill yesterday waiting for an appointment with a bank so I pulled out a looseleaf notebook that I started years ago and just happen to have in the car, in which a lot on my “pre-blogging” blogs (a/k/a real written things on paper) were stored. I think I may put some of them up on the web for your consideration and see if my commetns and thoughts from the early 21st century still hold water.
Gotta go for now, back at you when I get home this afternoon.

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