Posted by: guinness222 | September 3, 2007

Wrong button,…(almost time for the pub!)

For anyone who knows me as an “old fart” i have a boatload of opinions. I will try not to subject you to the more “political” of them on this blog sight, however I’ve re-activate my “other” blog at “” you will never get away from my opinions on that sight.
In fact I published the first blog since 2005 on it this afternoon, It’s the short breif history of the freedom from salvery for Americans between 1776 and 1976, 200 years of freedom aren’t bad, but the last fiofty have been very stressful, follow my demented “keyboard” as it explains to all for the world to see.
Got to go now, those silent all black helicopters are everywhere now,…you know?

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