Posted by: guinness222 | September 6, 2007

Fred Thompson,…reality vs. "dynasty"

Ok, strap in tight, Mr. Guinness has decided to enter the fray for the United States Presidential Elections of 2008. Not as a candidate (for those who know me, my personal level of patience for “superfulous BS” precluded me from that consideration, as a “lifeterm” would be in line, and not in the White House, but the “Big House”!). But I’m thinking that despite being a veteran, giving my four plus years in the service of our country in the “Nam” period, voting in every election I could since I was 18 years old, and meeting a number of “politicians” (anyone have some hand sanitizer?)it was perhaps time to get off my “butt” and see about getting someone into the office of President of the United States who at least had a fighting chance of making some changes for all of us, for the good.
With that in mind I have chosen to take my faithful “constituantcy”, the “Pub Times Silent Majority” via this blog, to make a difference in American elections in 2008.
I wasn’t sure about Ronald Regan before the election, as he seemed more “smooth talking” than I really liked, and Ross Perot was my man, bigtime, even though it was obvious his personal agenda was the biggest “plank” in his platform for the White House. Now GB #41 I respected, but there was always a nagging doubt about “was he ALWAYS leveling with us?”,and GB #43, well, I ‘ll support him, but we really need someone more “upscale downhome” for the future,..less political good ol’ boy. Notice, no democrats thus far? Well that should be obvious, as they need to all go home and take a few “conservative” pills and call back in the morning if they don’t start to feel more responsible to our Constitution and Bill of Rights!
So where am I going with this? I’m going to support Fred Thompson from Tennessee for the Presidency of the United States in 2008, and over the months I’ll explain the why’s and the wherefor’s as well as love to hear your comments on it as well. Now Lord knows I haven’t got a bunch of $$$ to throw his way, but I don’t want to see anyone “BUY” the Presidency of MY country anyway. Sure there’s a risk that you might have to be a bit “beholdin'” to big givers, but I think Fred is capable of being a little more “above that” than the rest of them.

First there’s Mr. Guinness’s “litmus test” for political candidates, the ultimate test which can not be faked, worked around, or manipulated. The imfamous “Mr. Guinness Power Drill Test”. In words even children can understand just answer the question totally honestly to the VERY best of your REAL GUT feelings. Ready?
“Would you loan your power drill to Candidate ___________?”
Think about it, it’s your power drill , you bought it, you are the one keeping it in shape and going, you are the one paying to repair it, and you are the one that expects it to be there for you not just for little jobs, but for those BIG jobs! So I ask you what do you think you’d get back from each candidate if you lent them your power drill? Here’s my assessment;
Hillary Clinton – you’d get a flowery, scented “Thank You!” note filled with dripping honey and vague and veiled committments, more or less to be continued later. But no drill back,…it was sent to a refugee from Katrina as a gesture of one on one help and solidarity. (After all it wasn’t her drill and you were coalaced into helping the needy, which is where you should have been in her opinion anyway!)
Barak Obama – I always wondered what the hell a model from “GQ” would do with a drill. I suppose we would have to dig back into the archives and find the operating instructions, see that they were translated into fifty-six different languages, be sure there was no dirt on it at all, and then with all the rest of the stuff we’d have to put up with a series of comments talking about a “fair and equitable method of modern fastening technology being disemmanated to the nations poor and needy”, and after that the uniqueness that “the more blessed and privelged have the opportunity to join with the government in the propagation of model programs like this where they are most needed.” (Does anyone know where the hell my drill went?)
John Edwards – Has seen pictures of drills, remembers his “poor friends and neighbors” just barely scrapping by using thiers,…but has to get back to us on how long he’ll need it because his Gulf Stream is due in the shop for an oil change and the Caddilac Escalade has a “pinging noise” coming from the engine.
Mitt Romney – He’s sure he can use it, can’t really offer you a beer for lending it to him, isn’t really sure what part of the country he will be using it, but as a “home town boy” in at least thirty-six states he knows it will work. But before he uses it he wants to trace and baptize it’s entire line of heritage by generation to be sure they all are saved and can enter the Power Drill Hall of Fame.

I guess it’s time to move on to the Republican Candidates,…let’s see,

John McCain – Good man, salt of the earth, spent his time in hell at the Hanoi Hilton, proven leader, straight shooter,….but there is serious potential that because of his age he may forget where he left my drill, or even if he brought it inside after he used it,…or worse yet may even forget borrowing it, ergo making returning it to me a non-existing situation! Then what will I do?
Rudy Gulianni – I guess I don’t have to worry about his ex-wife getting it in the divorce settlement, and the probability of having it under security and hidden are very good, OR maybe that was my drill alongside the Cross Bronx Expressway that was just lying there stripped and nothing but a burned out husk of a pwer drill. Plus being from New York City, and being the former Mayor, you gotta iknow he’s well versed in screwing things, (and people!)
Fred Thompson – As long as he’s not wearing a “Vol’s” ball cap, or a “Grand ol’ Opry” tee shirt there is hope. And I trust him to borrow my drill, do what he has to do with it, clean it up before returning it to me, offering me a beer when he returns it as a gesture of thanks, ….and DAMN if we can just get Sam Waterston as his Vice President,…well now we can gt something done around this country, but alas “Lennie Brusco” has passed on so we’ll have to settle for someone else for Homeland Security,…but I’m all for Marisa Hagirtay as Secretary of State, and let’s get “Munch” as Ambassador to the Middle East, and Ice-T as secretary of Defence.
Thanks Fred, you got my support, at least you bring a crew to the Cabinet that knows how to get things done, and feel free to tell poiticians to kiss their butt!

More as the race progresses,….but I am officially a “Friend of Fred”!


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