Posted by: guinness222 | September 7, 2007

So what is a "federalist"?

at first look I would have guessed someone who want the good ol’ Federal Government to take care of everything,….but if you listen to Fred Thompson it’s almost the reverse!!
The Federal government NEEDS to be rained in, I don’t know of anyone who in thier heart of hearts does not agree. Well I take that back, I guess if we cut all the unemplyment compensation, the welfare payments, the Aid to dependant children, and the BILLIONS of other bucks we piss away in this country,then maybe those folks would be a bit upset.
Not that I’m not sympathetic to the plight of these folks, becasue I am, but let’s get it right, not “systematic”. There is a TV commercial of folks going through a fast food court by the hundreds, burgers are flying through the air, magically landing on buns, drinks automatically pouring and matching up with the burgers and all being combined and poof! The customer waves his magic Credit Card over a little machine and off he goes with lunch and never even missing a stride. This is a perfect example of “systematic” to my mind. But back to the commercial,…one dude comes along, gets to the little machine by the cashier and hands her a few dollar bills, and BAM!!! The entire thing comes unglued, things are crashing to the floor, people are banging into each other and spills are everywhere. This is a perfect visual for a common sense person, like Fred, saying Can’t the State handle this, why does the Federal government have to get involved.
(Ok a little lame, but you get the point!)
The Federal government sends billions to the States for school lunches, billions for child care programs, child health issues and clinics, but the taxpayer is paying for it all!
Let the States figure out and handle thier own problems, let them approach the Fed’s and ask for help,…BUT they damn well better have a good reason, and be able to stand up to the scrutiny!
Gotta go, more later!

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