Posted by: guinness222 | October 24, 2007

"Oh Lucy…..I’m home!"

Just a little teaser for this blog! Sorry gang, it’s that time of year. Every Homeowners Association and Condominium in the workld wants their annual meeting in October and November! Why? Becasue that’s about the only time no one is renting the units. So what you ask? Well one of my clients rents his little place (Sleeps 8, three baths, directly on the Gulf of Mexico) for $6,000 a week!! would you give up six grand a week?
Anyway, this blogs going to be a little dis-jointed because as a Bostonian life could not get too much better!!
The Red Sox (baseball for you Aussies) are playing the first of seven series of the World Series as I write this. (It only matters after nine innings so I’m taking time to write for you instead of watching innings 1 thru 8!! Is that dedication or what?) The New England Patriots are a sure thing for the Superbowl! (American football epitome of excellance!), and Boston College is ranked #2 in the Country in College Football and playing Virginia Tech tomorrow night at the same time the Red Sox are playing game two!!!( Send an emergency channel changer, it’s going to be “switch city” from 7pm until midnight at my house!!!)
And I’M NOT A JOCK!!! A fan yes, but a jock no!
I’m sure my best buddy Mikie, who passed away last year, is conning God to make this a whole year for Boston so more of us can join him from the sheer “over the top” of all these Boston teams winning everything in 2007-08! Thank you Mikie,…we know it’s you making it happen!
Well, got to get back to the game.
see ya’


  1. I leave you a comment here and there. Don’t have much time to catch up on blogs since I’ve been home with baby and I start back to work next week. I will try to pop in more often. 🙂

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