Posted by: guinness222 | November 2, 2007

The first leg of "The Triumphant Triangle" is complete!

Yes, that’s right. “The Triumphant Triangle” is a pseudo-mythical, pseudo-egotistical, otherwise crazy concept that if it happens maybe I can make a million on tee shirts, hats and banners. (Still working on the logo/image, all help accepted and graciously cut in for a piece of the action if the powers trianglate properly.)
So what is “The Triumphant Triangle”? It is a convergence of Sports “Championships” in one single point on the big blue marble,…..BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA.
First leg complete, The Boston Red Sox won the World Series (still an oxymoron so far as I can tell because the “world” extends beyond the United States,…oh well we’ll take it.)
Second will be the Boston (oops! “New England”) Patriots taking the “Super Bowl” in February, and finally either Boston College becoming the NCAA Football champion at the Rose Bowl, OR the Boston Celtics becoming the Wrold’s Champion Basketball Champions.
(ok, so I may be delusional, but you gotta believe.
AND congrats to Joe Torre for landing in LA, go show Georgie boy how badly he screwed up!!

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