Posted by: guinness222 | November 12, 2007

"In God we still trust"

Ok so I’m an idiot idealist. But that’s what makes our country great, and when that’s gone,…well what’s left?
Now I plead guilty to owning a Country Western Bar & Dance Club, I even plead guilty to “walkin’ the walk’ ‘n talking the talk” but in all truth there is a reeality, and a foundation to what made America great,…back then!
As a lot of you already know from reading my previous blogs, I am a Veteran of the united State Navy for almost five years, during the “cold war”, both of my sons served thier country in the U.S. Air Force, and at the very worst, trust me, I am a patriot. I will defend your right to say what you want, regardless of my opinion, I will preservre that, right or “whacko” to uphold your rights to express it, regardless of the “leniency” of the courts and the liberals that infiltrate our country. But what of the reality of life?
We are a “Christian country”. Does that mean we are elitists? NO! Does that mean we “under-value” your personal religious beliefs to ours? NO! Does that mean we would “blame” you for your fellow religious “zealots”, any more than we would our own “right wing zealots”? NO!!
Give me a break here!!! If you want to strap 50 lbs of explosive to your body and “push the button”,…well,…tough shit Charley,…you’re dead, you took 20 or 30 wit you, but you know what? WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE,….BELIEVE IT!!! NOt because we are self-rightous, not because we “hate ” muslims, but simply because you fuckers are NUTS!!!!
Killing innoent people is dumb in any language! So like my old grammar school techer used to say , “get along,…there is no one else coming to play!”
Sorry , another damn rant!!

Maybe the older you get the more “self-rightoeus” you get! But shit!!!!!,…What is the F***in’ problem? We are all born, we all expect to live, and we all expect to form our own conclusions as to whether there is a God,…or not, As to whether violence and mayhem is “acceptable” in terms of human suffering, and whether “WHACKO’S” should simply be “offed”.

Sorry frinds, I get a lttle “un-glued” when “whacko’s” have a higher level of “rights” than those no longer with us, because it “furthered “he cause”.

Am I a bigit,…I guess so, I love my country, spent four and a half years of my life defendng it, and sure as hell will burn any liberal spouting the “can’t we all get along” philosophy.

As a Veteran of the United States Navy I have the right to claim my solidarity to having protected your rights. Are you so willing to give them away? The my sacrifice for you was a waste!!

Thank you for your support!!

Tom Corcoran, U.S.N. (United States Navy)

“I covered your ass and yet you would give it away like a cheap hooker? We need to talk. Write me if you dare!

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