Posted by: guinness222 | November 14, 2007

Bit of bad news.

My little sister, (two years younger than me) had a mild heart attack at work yesterrday. Fortunately she works as an X-ray tech at a pretty big hospital. Woke up with a pain in the arm, thought she slept on it, went to work anyway, had a co-worker take her Blood Pressure, called a cardiologist upstairs, he told her come on up,…poof off to the Emergency Room, one full stint, heavy blockage in another artery but tratable with medication, and she’s resting comfortably. More info as I get it, but if you’ve a second today or tomorrow a little prayer in her direction would be greatly appreciated. Her name is Judy. Thanks

It set me to thinking. Judy was always the “worry wort” in the family. We all have a tendancy toward it, but she had it the worst. She took everything seriously, 24/7. At one point I did as well, but sometime back when I adopted the attitude that most of the world is completely out of my span of control, number one, and the only thing I can really control is myself, number two.

I saw a funny quote this morning as I was “surfin”, it was a tag line on someones e-mail it said “Don’t be so serious,…no one gets out of this life alive!!” Guess that’s a bit prophetic today.

I learned a lonf time ago that a couple of pints at the end of the day, on neutral territory, like a Pub, with “bar buddies” as my wife calls them, and you know what,…I really let my worries go away!
I suppose the real “religious” say that contemplating the “Prayer of St. Francis”, you know the “Lord help me to change the things I can, bear the things I can’t and grant me the wisdom to know the difference” would do the same thing. But that’s a “private thing” Having a few pints is a public clearing of the mind, and can act as a “support system” for those aroiund you having a pint themselves. Like the tag line I quoted earlier, “none of us are getting out alive,…so get used to it and make the best of things!

Besides that I really don’t know how I’d react in a hospital. When someone came over and said something stupid to me like, “Don’t worry, just lie back and get plenty of rest.” Shit, that would scare the shit out of me! Like I don’t really want to be here, the surroundings are strange and alien, the food sucks, and for the most part it’s just me, this dumb “bent bed”, folks “schuttling by” going about whatever it is they are doing that’s beyond my regular world,….and you are telling ME to lie back and get some rest? Get serious!
I guess that means I’ll be a bad patient, huh? And will my “real friends” bring me a couple of pints? Or cards and flowers (I DO NOT WANT THEM!!) Just a few pints of Draught Guinness for later when I’m watching “stupid” TV the likes of Oprah, etc.

Well, I’m due at work in 30 minutes so I guess I’ll sign off for now and move my butt into worker drone mode.


  1. I’m sure she will recover quickly. At least she had the sense to get it checked out. Most don’t.

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