Posted by: guinness222 | November 25, 2007

"It’s OOOOOOOOOver,…It’s OOOOOOver."

…and thus sang Roy Orbison back in the sixties. Yup It’s over. Here I am on a Sunday afternoon at 1 pm. getting ready to have a bite to eat, head for the Pub and watch some football, and otherwiseget ready for going back to work tomorrow, (sigh!).
Well it was a four day weekend with Thanksgivig and all, but it also means I go into stress mode because Christmas is only 30 days away. But I got plenty of reast, I’m going back to work with just about 90% of the stuff I brought home from work completed, (five hours this morning and I whacked it all out! Wasn’t as bad as I thought.)
Getting down to the “nubbins” (old slang term for the stub of a pencil back in grammar school when you had run it through the pencil sharpener such that there was not even a millimeter to hold onto and sharpen it again. Another “old fart history lesson for all you boys and girls out there.)
The other day, well if the truth be known probably about four months ago, the wife and I went out to breakfast at a place called Cracker Barrel. (National chain, big tacky little gift shop where you are forced to wait twenty minutes until your table is ready and you always find a “gotta havit”,….well anyway I picked up a few of those “remember when?” sort of greeting cards that were particular to the year on the cover. I bought one for each of my kids, (children, not goats!) and the year they were born. When we got home they got laid on the dining room table, buried under incoming mail for a month or two, moved to the fourth stair (Which is my wife’s signal to “get it the hell out of here or I’ll dump it in the trash” for everything that reaches critical mass on the dining room table and nothing more can be piled on top lest the entire thing just start cascading crap on the floor. (It’s not a pretty picture, but being a guy, who cares? I know where every single thing we’ve gotten in the mail for the past three months is,…exactly,…well within a couple of feet of table top anyway.
I was going to send them out to the kids with a few “pithy” comments from the “Father Unit’, aand then I got to reading them. Talk about something to make you feel older than dirt!! Try a few of these things;
1. The Boeing 737 makes it’s first flight. (Shit that means they are some planes out there, I’m putting my body into that are older than my kids, almost 40 years old, crap, how can anything over forty years old still work?)
2. The Monkeys perform at Forest Hills, NY BUT Jimi Hendricks is thier opening act!
3. The Beatles turn down a $1,000,000 conttract offer for a concet in New York City
4. The Arab Isreali “Six day War” is waged. (I thought it was still going on, just a bigger field of battle
5. Che Guevara is captured and killed by the Bolivians
6. The FIRST heart transplants are attempted in South Africa and New York; the patients survived for 18 days and 2 hours respectively. (And today it’s like getting an oil and lube for your car almost, plus they’ve invented an “artificial heart!).
7. Amana introduces the FIRST Microwave oven for consumers. (Shit that’s scary. What the hell did you do before throw the food on a fire like and then when it smoked take it off?)
8. The average Life expectancy was 70.2 years
9. There was no Nobel peace prize awarded. (Schocked, why? Vietnam was in full tilt, the Arabs and Isrealies were kicking the shit out of each other, and who knows how many little skirmishes were going on!)
10. and some other interesting tidbits.
New house cost $14,425
Average Income was $7,305 per year (sounds like my bar bill this year!)
New car was $2,724 (I almost bought a brand new Volvo in ’67 but
thought $2700 was too high!!
Average Movie ticket $1.25
Gasoline was $0.33 a gallon (We should have just taken out the middle
east then and the gas and oil “crisis” would be over by now!)
Eggs were $0.38 a dozen, Fresh baked Bread was $0.22 a loaf
Julia Roberts AND Pamela Anderson were both born as was “Normie” from
Cheers, John Ratzenberger!
The MOvies that were hits were;
Bonnie & Clyde, Cool Hand Luke, The Graduate
The hit “tunes” were
“All you need is love” – The Beatles, “Light my
Fire” – Jim Morrison and the Doors, “Penny Lane”- The
Beatles, and a Cyborg(used to be all human, now
mostly mechanical) group called “The Rolling Stones
with Mick Jaggar and “Ruby Tuesday”

I’d go on, but I can’t stand the “squeaking” of my joints and bones nor do these brain cells think they can continue without a trip to the Pub for my elixir of Guinness to be able to wake up again tomorrow.
Think about what has come into this world since 1967. And then realize that I your favorite blogger was standing at the Alter getting married June 10th of that year, during the “Six day War” and hoping I was not called back before the honeymoon, as I was a Gob, a sailor, a swabby, and guess what? Still got the same wife! Now that’s scary when you realize the Boeing 737 you fly is as old as your wife!! (Damn, guess I better get new sneakers, cause if the plane has the same aches and pains she says she does,….welll you do the math, and figure the odds.

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