Posted by: guinness222 | December 8, 2007

Ok,….I’m in a writin’ mood! Hence "Chapter 1 of the weekend blog"

As promised a few goodies for all of you today.
Thanks for the prayers for my sister, she came through ok. They did two more stents for a total of three, did the old “roto-rooter” for a boatload of calcium buildup, and they are sending her home today. Again many thanks.

On to fun and games. First of all last time I did the 1967 (year I got married) events and intersting trivia for you, so let’s jump ahead a scant ten years to 1977 and see how badly the world went to hell in a decade!
January 1977 – Apple computer incorporates
May – the first “quadraphonic concet” is performed in London by Pink Floyd
October – three members of the Southern Rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Sweet Home
Alabama” a virtual Anthem round here) die in a tragic charter plane
November – The first flight of the Concorde (London to New York)
Television first appears in South Africa
The Vatican bars women from joining the priesthood
West German Police engage in protracted battles with the Baader-
Meinhof gang, and the Red army faction
The worlds first MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is tested in
New York
The Nobel Peace prize winner was Amnesty International
Elvis Presley, Charlie chaplin, and Bing Crosby all passed away
in 1977
Costs of things
A new house = $49,319.00
Average U.S. Income = $15,070.00
Tuition to Harvard = $4,100.00
Gasoline a gallon = $0.65
Fresh baked bread a loaf = $0.36

Notable births
Liv Tyler, Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy the Vampire killer), and my
youngest son,…Jay the missing (long story for another time)
Tunes we love still
Hotel California – The Eagles
Best of my Love – the Emotions
How deep is your Love – The Bee Gee’s
Movies from “the old days of ’77”
Star Wars (the one that started them all)
Close encounters of the third kind
Saturday Night Fever – bet Travolta can’t dance that way now!
Smokey and the Bandit – Coors finally made it east!
The spy who loved me – go 007!!

Aaaah! Ain’t life great back then? It was a wonderful time to liv through , even though we were all just trying to survive and begining to recover from Viet Nam.
I could ask a dumb question like “Where were you in ’77?” but I”m sure most of my readers just flat were not anywhere YET. The miracle of conception and birth had not begun. But next time you hear “Hotel California” you can say I know someone who was there then!
Back in a minute with Chapter two of the weekend blog!

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