Posted by: guinness222 | December 8, 2007

Told you I was going to write a "bunch" Chapter 3

Next new find was a bit of a fluke. It was so flukey I don’t even remember how I found it1 (God I love the web!!)
This one is under “”.
I’ve been interested in tracing my family lineage for decades, but I’m stuck when my grand parents got off the boat, because all the immagration dudes put was “Ireland”, no county, no city or town,…nada! And me, having been a smart ass kiddie some fifty years ago, never bothered to ask them when they were still around, at least some of them. Now I find I am the patriarch of the entire family!! SHIT!
Anyway every once in a while I would get a passing thought about how wondeful it would be to get a “dna” swab and try and track my family that way. (Ok, so I watch WAAAAY too much CSI! No wisecrack Lucy!)
Well it seems this web site is actually trying to accomplish that in a way. As I understand it, and we all know that’s really a stretch,…me understanding that is. This guy who started the company, which is out of Utah (I know, maybe it ‘s a Morman thing) has already rounded up over 750,000 dna files and thier objective seems to be to trace everyone on this earth back to the “Adam and Eve” origin. Well it facsinated me (see I told you it did’nt take much!) So I signed up.
The theory is that at one point in the history of the world there were “tribes”, and these tribes were the basic “foundations” if you will to todays modern humanity. Inter “mingling” over the eons produced more and differing “tribes” and so on and so on.
(Yeah I know, …so what!)
Well it really would be a so what if it were not for the fact that apparently the female of the species all contain a never changing mitochondrial gene. Therefore that one gene can be matched and traced back forming a “chain” of lineage. (And they said I slept through Science!)
Makes sense to me, so I signed up for a DNA kit and once I get it and take my own DNA and plunk it back into the system what will it tell me?
Basically it will trace my “tribe” back. Obviously I’m hoping it’s European, then perhaps a Roman or Greek strain, and then who knows! Sounds like an interesting experiment and the, I think it’s spelled Hapologue or similar will show the entire movement of my tribe troughout time, and history.
I said it before it does not take much to amuse me!!
If Kevin Bacon is only six times removed from me, I wonder what Caesar was, or King Arthur, oh shi,…maybe even Bill Gates! (Dear Mr. gates, irrefutable research has shown I am a relative of yours, so please be sure my name is spelled correctly in the will, sincerely Cousin ——.)
Ok I’m going on hour number four of my writing marathon.
Well i’m going to end here because I’m going to go to work on a new blog I’m putting together called “The Emerald Rose”. I’ve written a few test blogs to it, and I am trying to make it more visually appealing than this one



  1. Merry Christmas!!!

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