Posted by: guinness222 | December 24, 2007

Ludwig,…you genius!!!

    I am one of those folks who simply love Beethoven! He knew raw power and control through his music, and the other end of the spectrum as well. I can only dream what it must be like to have that running through you’re head, and then putting it down on paper, and then extracting it through musical instruments and adjusting it to completely replicate what was in your mond!! AWESOME!

     But when I’m sitting down to write, or jusat do some work I love the music in the background. (OK, I may even grant you the power and the dynamics of a Beethoven piece, while far and away so superior to a Metallica piece,…well maybe both those who listen to them asn well as I can accomplish work while listening.

      So here it is Christmas eve and I’m writing and listening to the ninth, it brings solace as well as a supreme sense of organization. (ahhhh,…sigh)

     So what’s Christmas about this year, anyone got a clue? Well I don’t mean from the religious side, but the more mundane secular side. Shit costs a ton of money, is primarily “impulse” and will be long forgotten for the most part by March 1st!

     I’ve had the luck to have seen the 9th performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Chorus and it was supremely awesome with no exceptions. I’ve also seen Handels Messiah performed, and dozens of times Tchiakovsky’s 1812 Overture. I have a weakness for Classical music, sorry!

     Tonight might just be a great night to curl up with my ipod and blow my own mind with classical power and genius! I’m thinkin’ about it.

     Well gotta go and see what this posts like.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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