Posted by: guinness222 | December 24, 2007

"T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house,…."

That’s what I woke up to this morning, running through my head!
Funny, but this has been one of those “who gives a shit!” years in terms of Christmas spirit for me. Why? Wish I really knew,…but I don’t. There’s enough nasty shit brewing, and that could be part of it, plus I’m closing in on 63 and the long term “outlook” is not one of roses and lollipops. (My fault, and I take responsibility for it!)
But I gotta tell you my faith in the braincells governing us are in very suspect position, the hope for our youth is in even worse shape, and I’m too damn tired to jump on my noble steed and fight it.
Sorry, I didn’t want to screw up your Christmas,…(sigh) so on to things to be hopeful about.

Number two son and his wife are “with child” and expected delivery of Junw 2008, (looks like another trip to Utah!)
Number one daughter happier than a pig in slop doing “pro bono” work for Legal Aid and then wondering “who’s gonna pay the rent?” (Non-profit is about as close to slavery as you can come,…but you’re doing it to benefit mankind! (But mankind aint’ payin’ the rent either!)
Number one son is in the Houston/Dallas area trying to make things happen for himself,…the good news here is that he’s gone back to school nights and is amazed at how easy it is for him! (DUH! It’s nothing new, just the reality of life they try and teach dumb 18 year olds who are more concerned with partying and a cute piece of ass every weekend! Do I sound opinionated? Naaaaaw! Not me!)
My dipshit old company is sueing me for a bogus non-compete clause and a couple of “tortious interferance with contractual relations” charges. (That was last Friday’s good news!) Like I told the wife, the attorney, and everyone else that will listen, I ain’t goin’ there. Win lose or draw F*** ’em all! I’m simply moving on with my life, you want to battle me there will be a body count, but not mine! I am prepared to become a “guest of the State” if the Courts rule against me! What the hell, 3 squares a day, roof over the head, free clothes,….only bad part no local pub, but I can adapt!
The very last thing you want to ever do is piss on my shoes, I take that seriously, and Don Quixote was a rank amateur when it comes to being ethically driven and stubborn next to me!
Well maybe tomorrow morning I’ll wake up to Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer and it will make Christmas a little brighter.
Again sorry to rain on your parade, but I really wish you all the best and have a joyous day!

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