Posted by: guinness222 | February 9, 2008

OK,….so I’m bad!

Welcome back earthlings, please join us in the quality appointed lounge of the galactic flagship “WhothehellareU” for a refreshing beverage and civil talk,……or just be like the rest of the world and read on to the rantings of an old fart! Either way it’s your choice (scary, huh?)
It’s Saturday afternoon again. I went to work this morning at 8:30 to clean my desk, decided at 10:00 am I needed a massage and booked an appointment for 1:30pm, re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic, too advantage of my two “new” four drawer legal file cabinets, and put “shit” in the drawers. (Understand two things,…1. Who the hell uses LEGAL size anything besides lawyers? And don’t get me started afterall I’m being sued by one, sueing another, asking advise from a third, fourth, fifth and sixth,….shit this is even confusing me!! And 2. how the hell do you put letter size shit into legal size drawers?
Anyway an hour and a half later the drawers are full, my desk is empty, and the joint looks clean and neat!
My boss shows up and says “What are you in for on Saturday?” “One for the team, catching up so I can hit the field running on Monday, etc., etc.” He’s happy but sitting in his office cursing his computer for it’s slowness. “Say boss, when was the last time you de-fraged your computer?” “De-what?”
Being a nerdy old fart I tell him, “look boss, when your through just let me know when you leave and I’ll start the de-frag program for you , it will probably take six or eight hours to run.” (Cool!, I’ll be outta here in an half hour, just stopped in to call a few bud’s, I want to go sight in these two new rifles I got for deer hunting this afternoon.” (Yuk,….killing Bambi? Now that’s un-civil, and barbaric! Mr. Guinness philosophy, am I against shooting animals? Absolutely not,…but only if you have to feed yourself or your family! Sport hunting is barbaric. What’s the difference between it and “sport shagging”?)
Anyway I get a grateful “go for it, I’ll leave my computer on for you.” (Now is that a trusting boss and owner of the company, or what?)
Off to my massage,….yea God!!! It was wonderful! I firmly believe that if we simply paid for everyone to get a weekly massage the amount of disease and crap would be severely reduced. SICK is mis-spelled,it should be spelled S-T-R-E-S-S!
Anyway an hour of my life evaporated, I feel great, relaxed and de-stressed, SOOOOO back to the office finish up some more “stuff” go visit a few of my properties, and off to the Pub. (Masseuse said I should drink plenty of liquids after the massage,…who am I to dispute her?)
Now I’m home, waiting for “mama” and her sister to come home from church,(I’m an old fashion Catholic,…Church is on Sunday morning!) and we are going out to one of my wife’s favorite restaurants,…”Stinky’s Fish Camp”! They have a token “real” food for “fish challenged” like myself,…wonder what it is? Well at least the Vino list is good! (The wife can’t understand why we never get out of there for under a hundred dollars,…I hate fish, so I always have “fillet of Merlot”, or ” a Grand Cru of Shiraz” (she never notices the wine, because she loves the fish!)
Got to go they are in the driveway honking and wondering.
See you tomorrow!

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