Posted by: guinness222 | February 29, 2008

It’s all about "decency"!!

And NO!, I’m not talking about lovely short skirts, bikini’s etc. What I’m taling about is a sense of decorum about our U.S. media.
For example, if one works hard, educates him/her self works with a passion toward thier objectives, then it is almost inevitable they will be successful. But is it a “flawless” success? Probably not, because we are all of the human species, prone to a mistake here and there, prone to a moment of weakness, and occasionally prone to allowing our “emotions” drive the bus. But that’s where “decency” comes into play. And most of it revolves around timing. For example, two of the sharpest businessmen to ever “do thier thing”, in my mind were Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, and Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler Corporation. They both came up from NOTHING, worked hard, educated themselves, and God knows worked with unbelievable passion toward their objectives,….and succeeded!
So what happens? Jack is portraayed as a horny old rich spoiled egotist who runs off with a “floozie”, leaving his “faithful wife” in the dust, screwing with his former company and giving himself a “golden parachute squared exponentially”.
And poor Lee, well he didn’t pull any real “bone-head” moves that the press has unearthed yet,….so they just dismiss him as a “probable” dementia victim, definately “looney” and would rather he just throw some horseshoes at the rest home and shut the hell up publically.
But let’s talk about politicians. John McCain, “hot shot” jet jockey, shot down, imprisioned for seven years, tortured, etc. no doubt a hero, tough as nails, motivated, driven, and “a survivor”. His claim to fame over the past twenty years or so has been being a politician, and a “rebel” at that, but what did he single handedly drive or do AND complete for the betterment of the many? (Answers may be directed to me bu hitting the “reply” button at the bottom of this blog)
Hillary Clinton, failed to get a good health plan working, had VERY questionable dealings in real estate, opted to run for the U.S. Senate in New York, basically because it was easy pickin’s and open at the time, not out of any great love of New York I can assure you. Oh yeah and her Academy Award winning performance at the Best “Stand by your man” impersonation in motion picture history. But what else has she done to merit my even passing thought at her candidacy?
Barak Obama, got an education, came from a strange background, holds religious beliefs totally and diametrically opposed to those of our country, that is if he really believes in what his religion says, “There is but one God and Allah is his name.” Guess all the Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalans, Unitarians, Mormans, Jews, etc., etc. etc. better start looking for another country. How can one possibly reconcile the basic cornerstone of one’s faith with “one nation under God” which grants freedom of religion as it’s cornerstone. Cynic, yes!!
Well, got to go to work. Some idiot with this yappy little dog just will not keep the little critter on a leash. (Gated community, rules are rules you know.) He’s been fined a hundred dollars at least four times, refuses to pay, (frankly there is nothing we can really do to him), BUT send your e-mails to me you know? “You have to take care of this”, “This is a MAJOR” problem”, “It’s your job to stop this violation!”
“FREE Yappy little shit of a dog, hasn’t fatally injured anyone yet, comes with arrogant old fart owner and crotchety ancient neighbors as a package…call 1-800-give a shit, or write your local PETA group, or send coin of the realm for my “retirement” to a country with no gated communities, no yappy little shit doggies, old people who smile, drink tea, and are just sooooo glad to be on this side of the grass that they are nice!


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