Posted by: guinness222 | April 6, 2008

Is life all that great?

\" You think I\'m kidding?\"     Not that I’m suicidal or depressed, or just ranting, but honestly let’s talk about it. I stopped reading the newspapers about four years ago becasue they were depressing. No stories there about the sixteen kids from the local school who volunteer two weekends a month to help build one of those homes for Habitat for Humanity. No story about the sailor, or soldiers wife who started a little home business to try and build a little better life for her three kids whiile her husband is serving the country,…..and now she nets $150,000 a year on it! No stories about the farmers who still work frrom sun up to sun down to increase productivity and harvests so we can all eat a little better. No stories about any of these “politicians” writing a check to help those folks they put thier arm around and tell them “I feel your pain”,…kick up a few bucks and help them get rid of the pain you idiot!

      But perhaps I am cynical. You think?

     At 63 I can do what I want,…yeah. That’s part of getting “along in years”. I don’t have to be politically correct anymore becasue anything I say or do you can dismiss with the flip of the hand and a “well you know how those old folks are just not with it anymore”.

     Plus I gotta tell you, I don’t have that much money, it’s going to be a “rocky” retirement, no golf three days a week, sleeping in until 9am, piddle around in the garden (shit, I never did that anyway!) It’s still up at 6am, check the ‘puter for e-mails, etc. pay a few bills, (good lord willin’ and still some coin in the bank). shower shave get dressed, grab the big to go mug full of java, and off to be at work at 8am. Put up with the dysfunctional; idiots who have enough money to have secured thier right to be dys-functional idiots.

       “I know you think the gate on your gated community is “dragging on the ground” but trust me there is over two inches to spare,…but yes sir, I’ll get that lazy gate company to make it right. …No sir I don’t think they’ll have it done by lunchtime today.”

       Getting close to Guinness time.

      Oh, and another thing that bugs the shit out of me. All these idiots who have their telephone numbers “not provided” on my “caller ID”, and they really expect I’m going to answer it?

     Just keeping the new blog up to date, I guess I should start moving my readers over to this site.

     Have a good week.

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