Posted by: guinness222 | May 18, 2008

I guess I must be suffering from a little depression!

    Ok, why else would so many people just annoy the shit out of me. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m playing on my computer and the phone rings. (Sunday is my day off, BTW) “Hello?” says I, “This is Mrs. X, do you know if so and so the guard on the gate is working today? I haven’t seen him all day and I don’t think he’s here.”  “Oh, while I’ll be going that way a litttle later I’ll look in and see, ok?”  “Well,….ah,…ok”  “Thanks have a great day!” That was the actual conversation from a client calling me on my day off and a Sunday no less!. Now the conversation as it might have gone from the darkside if I did not exercise all of my inner control !

   “Your dime what’s up?” “This is Mrs. X, do you know if so and so the guard on the gate is working today? I haven’t seen him all day and I don’t think he’s here.” “Cool so what the hell you want me to do about it? Put out an APB on his ass, call him and tell him his sorry ass no longer works here, or maybe just have him march his ass to your house and beg to be forgiven. Huh? Hey mama it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m off, you sorry ass rich folks’ community is the last thing on my mind today. You really concerned you go guard the f*****g gate, ok?”  “Well you’re being rather arrongant.” “Hey! I dedect some serious attitude in your voice, go take it out on your old man not me! SLAM (phone being put down).

     Yes that’s my life, along with about ten other e-mails today from “like minds”. And yesterday it was a lack of clorine in the swimming pool, again not my job man. I told you idiots you can’t hire a crack head to handle your pool, pay him minimum wage and limit him to 17 hours a week and expect miracles, your call not mine you lame brained egg suckers! Oh yeah I don’t do pools!

     So where was I,….oh yeah Life is great, people are wonderful, and business is good! (And if you buy that I have this Ocean Front property in Kansas you might want to buy!)

    Problem is the whole economy is falling apart, the “boom” is a “bust” there are record numbers of bankruptcies, record numbers of home foreclosures, record number of folks witout a job, and they are just getting nastier and meaner than a crew of starving junk yard dogs. They have lost thier “decorum” and thier basic politeness because thier world is falling apart as well as everyone else’s around them and there is no relief insight. I’m pegging this “recession” to deepen considerably over the next 18 months, like it or not. The Presidential Candidates we have are all brain dead, in so far as what should we do, so they are taking the Ostrich approach, stick your head in the sand and pretend it ain’t happening.

    So what am I going to do? Personally, payoff all my credit cards, pay off the rest of my car loan eliminate every penny of excess spending, and absolutely none on credit, and , as my favorite guy Clemenza in Godfather I says, “we’re goin’ to da’ matresses Mikie.”

   Is this a good time to start a new business, absolutely, because you too can be an arrogant son of a bitch too! “Look, them is my terms, you either like it or eat shit,…your choice, but you know the guy you got now is cheating the crap out of you. With me you’ll get fair, reasonable, but don’t push or I’ll put you off the client list like Enron!

     Getting to be Guinness Time! Enough rant for one day. P.S. The wife is making a baby quilt for our new Grandaughter, “Coming soon (July 08) to a hospital in Utah, it’s Anastacia Eleizabeth !”That brightens my day,….sort of!

    The BIG difference is this one is effecting the entire “Global Village”!! We, (that be the “ugly Americans”), packaged our sub-prime mortgages and sent them out to the rest of the world, sucking them into our mess. I deal with a LOT of very wealthy folks, and even they are getting testy as shit about what’s happening.

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