Posted by: guinness222 | May 29, 2008

Workin’ our way into slavery,…again!

Sorry,but it’s getting real ugly out there,…real ugly. I live in a community, nay strike “community”, make it a “vacation Mecca” this area was an unblemished diamond, a vision of all things perfect in a seaside vacation Nirvana, sugar white sands, teal waters gently lapping the shore, brilliant sunshine endlessly, know all the “Beach Nirvana” things you could imagine. And they came, me too, to get a piece of it, to enjoy and reap all the human pleasures possible from it, and being the nature of beings of the human variety,…ultimately destroy it with greed, and the other epic fallacy of man, power!
The “little” beach cottages and places just grew, and grew, and grew. Not only in size and cost, but amenities and the “WTF” of overkill. For example why not have an 8 foot by 10 foot swimming pool put on the fourth floor roof with clear glass walls overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and those sugar white sands and teal water? And of course private elevators in every three story, three bedroom home, and not less than one, and yes in some cases two, 42″ plasma TV’s in every room of the house!
If you remember that old, probably turn of the 19th century tune, “by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, you and me, you and me, oh how happy we’ll be.”,….well that was the theme song around here, money flowed like the legends of the golden rivers of El Dorado, every other building was a Super Market sized furniture store, with “Interior Decorators” hovering in herds like used car salesmen. Cheap, ugly (OK, my opinion, I’ll call it “beach primative”) stuff everywhere, and selling for HUGE amounts. My little “cottage” increased in value by over 400% in four years! My weekly grocery bill went from $60 a week to $150 per week, a “quick bite to eat” went from $25 for the wife and I to $60 to $80! Oh and by the way NO the paycheck did not rise at the same rates. We were slowly, albeit fast, working our way back into slavery as middle class sliding major league to leveraged upper lower class,….and all we were doing was getting up going to work and trying to pay the bills!
2004 and 2005 the entire area was beseiged by Hurricanes, 27 in one year as a matter of fact. It did not put a damper on things overall, but sure scareed the shit out of those of us whose whiole lives were tied up here. Tourists sort of took a break, developers and builders kept slapping up places, real estate agents all had either brand new Mercedes or HUGE SUV’s and a “yippy” little dog or two under thier arm at all times. Full four color magazines were popping up everywhere, soiree’s were the rage, wine auctions for charity netted hundreds of thousands, “Coastal Casual” reigned supreme, and the “by the sea, by the sea” tune was running like an old 33 1/3rpm record being turned up to 78rpm. (Told you I was old, many of you ever see 45rpm’s or 78 rpm’s?)
It was like watching the tornado images or Hurricane images, swirling vortexes spinning faster and faster, more and more out of control, more and more unstable,….but unlike a Hurricane or Tornado it did not “slam” ashore, or “totally devastate” an area,….it just sort of came along and started to eat the area alive, one bite at a time.

Gotta go to work now, but tomorrow we’ll do the devouring of a commiunity and the REAL nature of “ugly and cranky folks”

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