Posted by: guinness222 | June 9, 2008

I’m on a “workation”,……read on

     Something new for the Guinness Book of Records, a whole new term, it’s a “workation” that’s when you just say to hell with it, I’m gonna sit here at my desk, write my blog and make everyone think I just the busiest dude on the planet.

     I really want to get motivated, but past the three hour mark of reading dumb ass e-mails, interspersed with even dumber ass phone calls, and want to just stand up and yell “ENOUGH!! Why don’t you get a life? Stop sucking mine out of me!”

    But the rational side of my brain says, “Hey, it’s just folks scared to death and looking to hang it on someone, and you happen to be there at the other end of that phone number or e-mail address.” Yeah, that’s the ticket, I’m just there. Life these days is like the begining of your first roller coaster ride. You know, you get in, the guy tells you don’t stand up, and slaps this big bar back against your belly and pins you to the seat. Then he tells you keep your hands iside the car at all times (ever ask “Why?”) and then the clank,clank,clank starts and there is a little jerk that kind of snaps you a bit,…and you are off

     You begin smoothly out of the “loading area”, then there is a little dip and you slow down a bit and the “clank,clank,clank” begins again, and you begin to move up this hill sort of ramp, …and up,…..and up,…and up (Then the facade of excitement, of ‘doing it’ , begins to crack, perhaps a little crumbling, or in the case of ‘scaredy cats’ a total meltdown begins, your life flashes before your eyes, the “light breakfast” you had begins to feel like molten lead, and these things all hit you about the same time your synapses from the eyeball log in with your brain, and you find your mindseye seeing a thirty five thousand foot drop straight ahead of you, after that it’s all smooth sailing.   They set you up, they took you down, and the next four minutes of the ride are based on your percieved thoughts of forty thousand foot drops, sixty thousand foot drops, etc. We’re just finishing the first drop, the facade is shot, and we KNOW there will be more coming our way before it’s over.

      So my great strategy is to do absolutely nothing, zero, nada, zilch, bupkis, etc. CAUSE I CAN’T CHANGE A THING ON THE WORLD’S AGENDA! Putting my hands up, trying to stand up and take the 4 G’s of force, feeling like Slim Pickens riding the bomb down in the first James Bond thriller, but then again what’s on the other side?

     Guess I’ll have to hang out long enough to find out.



  1. “Guess I’ll have to hang out long enough to find out.”

    There is a binary ending to all this, dude.

    If there is, you’ll find out.
    If there ain’t, you won’t.

    In either case or I should in any case, your strategy as outlined here is quite reasonable. Conserve your energy for someone who deserves it – YOU.

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