Posted by: guinness222 | June 11, 2008

“The Sun came out tomorrow,….”

     Funny, but as many things as went wrong in the past week, I actually feel better about it all, let me list some and see if you find a sinister sneer, or chuckle in them;

  1. About six months ago one of my clients did something that I thought was legally not within the Statute contolling it, so I asked their attorney for his opinion. Three pages of fine print later not only am I right, but thier entire action is legally non-existant, let alone enforceable. My boss says “Let it slide”, and he decides to take over the account. Flash forward, last week, client decides they want to put liens on property of non-payers of illegal assessment made, Controller goes ahead to prepare the liens and file them, I warn him about the unenforceablility of the assessment, and the reprecussions if he tries, he fails to believe me, “rats” me out to my boss, who originally knoew and said “let it slide”, ……balls in his court now, happy ending? It ain’t me who “let it slide” try splainin’ that one to the Board Lucy!  (That’s the Desi Arnez Lucy, not the IT Lucy.)

    Carefully measured new vanity top for the bathroom, time the installation so the vanity top goes in on the same day they cut down the kitchen countertop and measure and template for the round countertop at the end for more worksurface, all timed to the hour for minimal disruption of the house. DISASTER strikes, the vanity top of cultured marble is 1/2″ too wide, panic, can’t get it fixed or cut and back until Friday (that was tuesday), Soooooo gotta use the “kiddie bathroom” upstairs (real low counter top, about mid thigh for little kids not that THEY will ever be in my house anymore) So at three am gotta wander through the house, up the stairs, and try and get a drink of water. (I need the exercise so what the hell)

      At work I have a vendor whining to one of my Board of Directors because I won’t give him the competitors bids for thier annual insurances before he submits his! (Poor diddums, suck an egg, asshole, that’s why they call them “bids” for work, not “rape permits”!)

      I tell you folks,feelin’ like John Wayne today,….”ya know what I mean Pilgrim?”




  1. Kudos on the first point. It’s not that hard to keep businesses legal and it annoys me especially when they expect fine people like yourself to go along with it…..

    Nice place you have here Alec, I like it.

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