Posted by: guinness222 | June 30, 2008

Would you like fries with that?

For years literally, I’ve been getting a weekly dumb e-mail from an outfit called “Vista Printing” they are one of those “FREE” business cards, stationary, advertising postcards, etc. etc. etc. places. I ordered a few business cards acouple years ago and they keep haunting me, Sooooo, I figured what the hell, I’ll order my business cards from them for the new business, a no brainer, select template, “click”, select quantity, “click”, put in credit card number (Paypal silly, you know with the little random number generator key tag that has to match etc. really neat safety concept) and poof, I’d be ready to go. Well that’s the way it works if you are a highly diciplined, nor impulsive, purely common sense, frugal both feet on the ground kind of entrepreneur,…..(that ain’t me, on that you can make book!)
Soooooo, after about two hours of “looking” and trying different things,…well about $196 vanished from my business funds! (ah, maybe you’d believe the dog ate it, right? Ok, ok, so I don’t have a dog, it could have been the neighbors dog!)
So what did I get,…let’s see;
1. the 500 business cards, glossy with palm tree overhanging the white beach sands, etc. with a rather “cheap” trite tag line in the back, “like the we’ll serve no wine before it’s time ” shit.
2. 2 large rubber stamps one black one blue with mailing address new Post Office Box number etc. (they gotta know where to send the money to me ,…right?)
3. Note Cards (50) sort of like post cards but a tad wider, for just jotting replies etc.

4. and the biggies – 2 magnetic signs to go on the doors of my (sorta) SUV so it’s like free advertising everywhere I go. They look really cool.

Spent the day Saturday cleaning out “the pit” that place I call my own at the house that my wife will not set foot in, other than to say “When are you going to clean up this dump?” – well,…I did. (should last either a week or two or until the weight on the ceilings down stairs give way first! (It would take a month just to give you a fair description of “the pit” , maybe I’ll take a few pix’s and post them so everyone can go “ewwwww!”) but not today.

      Sunday I spent the day and designed the curriculum of courses for the next five years and scheduled them for the local chapter of the Community Association Institute, of which I’m the Director of Education.

      Went to the Pub to watch the Euro Cup 2008, Spain won 1-0 over Germany, but it was a great game to watch. Hope they don’t go “American” on soccer. Like the video tape play review we do in American Pro Football. Sure the Ref misses some stuff, but let’s get on with it and move ahead. Besides I do so enjoy the theatrical performances by usually the European players. They give Academy Award performances making a trip look like being greiviously and wantonly savaged by the player from the other side. Thank God the Ref’s seem to know it and just shake thier heads and go “play on” while the Award winning assaultee continues to roll on the ground, one eye open to see if the ref is going to call it or not, and an anguished look on his face. Poof! three seconds later he’s up and pounding down the field in pursuit of the ball. God I love a good show.

     Anyway it’s Monday morning, and I’m off to start marketing. Today’s goal a letter of introduction to me, myself,my company, and planting a few seeds of doubt as to whether the recepiants are getting the best “bang for thier buck” with thier current management company.

    Oh yeah, time to get new needles and drugs today (Not me, for the Cat! My wife’s cat has diabetes and we have to “shoot him up” twice a day with  insulin. I’ve been doing the morning shift (that begins at 5am promptly as he starts whining and scratching at the bedroom door with the “Audrey complex”, you know the “FEED ME SEYMOUR!” God can he be annoying. When I open the door and go out he starts yelling at me “you know it’s bloody well time to feed me, why didn’t you get your ass out here sooner, I’m weak from lack of nourishment, honestly I don’t know why I put up with you humans, never mind your damn cup of coffee get my food first bucko I am damn near malnourished already, and on …and on,…and on! Then you dump the little “pellets” of food in his bowl and he’s in there like white on rice. (Then come s the part I hate you gotta grab a handful of his hind quarter and shoot him up with the needle. Now that was truly a major accomplishment for me! Giving anyone a shot!

     Well off to the battle, lots or thunder storms and rain in the forecast today (met a few tourists yesterday having my pints watching the Euro 2008 game at the Pub and they were all bumming about the thunder and lightning and rain and paying $6,000 for a house on the Gulf of Mexico for the week and the first two days just being cooped up inside watching TV and the high cost of Gasoline if you decide to go out and cruise the area and all. (not to be funny, but “into every life a little rain must fall!”)  Paint evil grin on my face!!!!!! 🙂



  1. I get emails from them every now and then too. I hope all goes well with the new business. If not sick the cat on them. 😛

  2. Hope all’s well with yo and enjoy the weekend

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