Posted by: guinness222 | July 5, 2008

It’s Saturday!,…..Ok, yesterday was ???

Been a long time since a 3 day weekend included Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Usually they are Saturday Sunday, and Monday, so naturally I’m slightly befuddled. Well I mean yesterday, Friday, was my Saturday, so today should be my Sunday, but that’s tomorrow,…I think.

    Well just wanted to pop in with that sage bit of senior moment panic. So later today all the tourists down for the week go home. Had a crew yesterday that dragged a couple of big coolers out to the Hot Tub and swimming pool area and were pounding down Bud at 8:30am!! (Not bad becasue them you don’t need to worry about. Why? Because by noon they are blotto, some will pass out and wake up about 5pm, but thier hangover will be terrible so they’re no trouble the rest of the evening, besides if they pass out on a lounge chair at the pool they have sunburns that will remind them of the virtues of true stupidity for a week at least. The ones you worry about are the idiots who start drinking about 2pm, get just enough in them to be argumentative by 6 when they decide to “do the town”, thier volume control knobs are stuck up at 9.6 out of ten, the sluuuur in speech is begining to slow down things to where “Hooked on Phonics” doesn’t help at all. Ever watch a drunk try and order dinner?

      A friend who waits tables once told me they just take whatever the mistake of the day  in the kitchen is put some parsely sprigs on it and deliver it to them. The drunk has no idea what it is, he’s now too gonzo to argue without creating a scene and being thrown out, or worse yet if he gets “pushy” an all expense paid free ride to the Sheriff’s Office. So what do they usually do?  Eat whatever it is and shut up.

     Well I think I’m going to go food shopping with my wife today, maybe hit the book store after that, and see how destroyed the town got opn the holiday yesterday. By the way, for all my out and about time yesterday I never even saw a Sheriff. Mayb e they took the holiday off too.


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