Posted by: guinness222 | July 6, 2008

Ok, mental health time is over!

    Damn I hate Sundays, it means back to work again. Only good part is I’m working for myself now. I figure I got enough to cover the bills and all until Christmas time and make a go of this Association Managment thing.

    Been “playing” with my blog this afternoon, I say playing because nothing in any of this here “new-fangled software stuff” is easy to me, I struggle. For example, “Ok I want to put some links into my blogroll (fancy name for list of blogs I like to read, click here and go there” but I spend more time trying to comprehend “geekeese” in the “forums” and “help” stuff!! Watch, here we go!

   “puter, I want to put Lucy’s blog on my blogroll.”

   Go to Admin=> and add RSS or URL information and add. (Ok, in old fart language that translates to the following tasks;

                 1. What the hell is an “Admin=>” ? I typed it in five times and it didn’t do crap!, finally I found a ‘geekeese” comment that lead me to believe there just may in some remote galaxy far beyond the….., ok you get the point, a connection between “links and tags”!

Now the old farteese definitions;

            a ‘link’ is a piece of metal that connects with other piieces of metal and ultimately for a fence to keep big, slobbering, vicious killer dogs form eating small children and old ladies

            “RSS information” must mean “Really Secret Shit” since I don’t know what it is and Websters Dictionary hasn’t got a clue either. Maybe if I keep mashing buttons I’ll get the right secret word and my dual core whatever it is will tell my printer to tell me and then I’ll be ok.

            “URL information“, best we old folks can make of that , at least after the “really secret shit” is that it must mean some ‘Unknown Rastafarian Lingo”, so I put on an old Bob Marley CD I have and listened to “Buffalo Soldiers” six times, just couldn’t get it from that cut, then I flipped to what sounded like “No Woman, No Cry”, now that was a little clearer. I mean what else would you do if you had no woman but cry. (By George Watson, you may be onto something this time!)

           By now as the sun began to set in the West, and Pub time was closing in on me, I abandoned the search for a way to put “The Antilogy” and several others on my blog roll and decided to concentrate on the URL (Unknown Rastafarian Lingo) in hopes of a clearer answer,soooo I’m ending the blog for today, going to my itunes, downloading some good old Bob Marley stuff, and going to put it on my ipod so when I go to the pub I can rock out with one earbud in and watch the wrap up of the NASCAR race with the other ear. (Southern Pub, you have to have NASCAR on TV or Budwieser won’t deliver beer!)

        I mean as my buddy “Tim” the Bartender used to say “Like how hard is that shit, step on the gas til it hits the floor, and just keep turning left til somebody hits you!”

      Later this week.

      Lucy, you’re right , my sense of humor is coming back,….I think!



  1. Oh yeah, it’s definitely come back my dear…

    Good to see.

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