Posted by: guinness222 | July 7, 2008

“Will the owner of the Rolls Royce please move it!

    Well what was really said was “Will the owner of the Rolls Royce blocking the pick up window please move it!”

    And so it goes, alas even the wealthy are doing “behavior modification” to keep thier money. But the day I see a bottle of Grey Poupon passed between vehicles,…well let’s hope that never happens. Now onto today’s thought on the world condition.

    Easy, a real short blog entry,…..IT SUCKS!! I was just chatting with a lady who is a builder of high end homes, she was lamenting the fact that they are “stuck” with seven, yup that’s right seven, homes that aren’t selling.

    “I had to pay 1.8 MILLION for three of the lots, and the houses cost me over a MILLION each to built, and I got an offer of $500,000 on one of them yesterday,…can you believe it? What do these idiots think about when they make offers like that?” (My guess would be ‘Hmmmm, if you paid 1.8 Mill for the lot, 1.0 Mill for the house you would have to be in very deep interest payments if you continue to hold it,…hey, let’s give a half a mill offer and see what happens.’)

     Naive me says,  “So how do you hold on, that’s gotta be a hefty interest payment every month for , ..what did you say three years now?”

    “Well, you just have to do it, you don’t have a choice!” (I guess I was not “blunt” enough, what I meant was, “If you been paying out, let’s say $12,000 a year, for 7 houses, that’s,ah…$84,000 a year times three years or $252,000!! How the hell much money do you have anyway? See I told you it was a tad “blunt”)

    So if you don’t “hold on” the alternative is you have to pay the bank the 2.8 million you owe them times the seven houses or $19,600,000 that would be more money than yopu got in the old piggy bank I’m willing to bet!

     I guess you just count your blessings in that I don’t have to make those decisions, maybe thats why I’ve made it to 63 thus far, all I gotta worry about is making one payment for $1500 a month. (When you consider if I had kept the first house my wife and I bought in 1972, and made all 30 years worth of payments I would own it outright now!! Oh sweet bird of youth I should have crushed you back then and listened to the banker dudes!

    Well gotta go, been goofing off too, too much today, time to take dear Lucy’s advise and drink more Guinness!!



  1. Ha ha, anytime I can encourage drinking makes me happy….

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