Posted by: guinness222 | July 11, 2008

Water, water, everywhere but in my house!

   You ever have something sort of “abnormal”  happen and then try and rationalize it away? Well several hours ago, It’s 7:15am here, I got up, went to the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and was proceeding to take my token blood pressure pill and some other vile green pill that is supposed to keep my skin clear, (another blog on that some time) when the little voice in the back of the head says, “ooh-ohh, that ain’t the right sound on that toilet, too smooth” so I put on the light, everything looks normal, no water on the floor or anything, so I flush it again, and by God it is really “smooth”. No angry sucking, slurping usual sounds. Oh well must be ok.

     Fast forward two hours, I’m here in the pit writing a bit and my wife yells up, “What happened to the water pressure? I went to shower and it’s not pushing out enough to get a mesquito wet.” Hmmmmm! This sounds like a job for “Blackberry-man”!

    I pick up my faithful 7100i compainion and punch in information (411) get the number of the utility company, “They have several sir, which one do you want?” (Decisions, decisions, decisions,…it’s only 7 in the morning!) “Give me about three of them, any three.” “Certainly sir. The first one would be,….”

    Good thing I got three, the first 2 just kept ringing, and ringing, finally got a human being on the third one. “Regional Utilities, may I help you?” (So bloody cheery on the phone at 7 am, I’m impressed!) “Ah, yes, this is Tom  ,…and  we seem to have…” “Yes sir I know, low water pressure virtually no flow at all is that correct?” (And I get the feeling she knows something I don’t.) “Ahh, yes, that’s it.”

     “We have a major break in the line and the men are out working on it. It’s pretty big so a wide area is affected.”

    “Oh, good, where is it?”

   “Out the end of the County”

    ” yeah but where?”

    “Well it’s affecting a pretty wide area so we aren’t sure yet.” (Ok, I’d start looking for the geyser of water in the air, the huge ‘sink-hole’ where it was undermining, the Lake over the highway that wasn’t there last evening, but then again I’m not in charge of the Water Company!)

    “Ah,…Thank you, any idea when it will be fixed.”


    “Ah,….thanks again  good bye!”

              Maybe I’ll throw the hip boots in the back of the car, and the raft is all deflated, but I’ll throw that in as well, ..just in case.

          Time for more coffee, see if we got enough water for me to shave, and off to the salt mines!

-30-     (See, I told you it’s all about me!)

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