Posted by: guinness222 | July 12, 2008

Water’s back, weekends on, wonder woman is old!

      I really like trying to come up with catchy titles for my blog entries,(maybe I’ll try and make the entries a little catchier too!” Anyway, wrote an article for one of the trade Pubs I get this week and broke every rule of getting published and just sent it to the Publisher of the magazine. Within an hour got a reply, he liked it and when he gets back from vacation he is interested in publishing it. Woo Woo!  Well it’s all part of the business strategy. Being an old fart, having owned several businesses, I’m looking to try it differently. Instead of toiling away in the trenches trying to build the business I’m trying the “Sam Adams” business philosophy “set it up as awesome, hype it to the moon, get the “branding” going big time, do the Feng Shei thing to the max on stationary, logos, business cards, post cards, magnetic signs for the car, website, private domain name, …in other words build the image, tell the story, light up the fireworks,….then open the business to do business,…..eventually!   (Due to technical difficulty I’m going to have to bail out of this blog and come back into it again.)

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