Posted by: guinness222 | July 17, 2008

A weekend project

Well I’ve been blogging for a few years now, first on blogspot, and most reacently here at WordPress, but over the years you run across blogs from all over , some good, some ok, some sort of a “hmmm, have to keep an eye on that one, could be interesting.” But the bottom line is that when it take ten minutes (hyberbole for emphasis, or to the folks who never studied the English language,…Of course I’m exxagerating!) to scroll down my “favorites” under “blogs” it might be a hint to find time and clean up the files.
In addition my computer has so many icons on the desktop it looks like a patchwork quilt, or Joseph’s “Coat of many colors”. Sort of need to clean that up as well, and another “geek” claim to fame, when I go to the “Start”, Programs” ,….well I can fill the entire screen and have FOUR columns, top to bottom, of programs! (No wonder I have to use a rubber mallet to get a CD in the machine!)
So , step 1. BIG MUG OF COFFEE.
step 2. Self pep talk about taking no prisoners
step 3. “click” on favorite, thumbs up (or down), “delete” or “save”
step 4. Get medication for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after first two
hundred “clicks”
……and so on, and so on, and so on.

Then the programs themselves, well that’s the “How do I love thee, let me count the ways” method.
Do I remember what the program is or does? (If “yes” move to question number 2, If “No” hit “send to trash”)
Question #2 was it more than two years ago the last time I used the program? (If yes, hit “send to trash”, if “No” move to question #3)
Question #3 – After you hit the icon, name step #2 before opening the program, can you do that? (If yes move to question #4, if no hit “send to trash”) ,
Question #4- Would you prefer a pint ‘o Guinness to this program? (If yes hit click “X” in upper right corner and go to the Pub, If “No” hit “X” in the upper right corner and make an appointment with the nearest “Shrink” tell them it IS an emergency as you are completely deranged!

I love it when a plan comes together 🙂


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