Posted by: guinness222 | July 19, 2008

It’s the Pit!!!

This is \"The Pit\", imfamous \"my space\"
So this is it. Experimenting with new Nikon “coolpix” L-18 camera. (Told you I was on a mission this morning!)
And yes this is the way the pit always looks, hence the name “The Pit”. That’s my file cabinet to the left, assorted desktop, (built inP space covered with “stuff”, a mirror image shelf mounted three feet over the dektop to carry printers, and “more stuff”, my 20″ Dell moniter and Dimension 3000, with two gig of RAM that I just converted,(not me the “geek” guru who loves to come over and drink Shiraz and work on my computer for about ten bucks an hour!) into a file server, more space with “stuff”, my Apple 9600 with a 19″screen, (CPU hidden below) that has three Hard Drives, Maxed for RAM with over $10,000 worth of software from when I was an “Apple Specialist” in another life, and bringing up the right foreground my Dell Laptop, also maxed in RAM, Hard Drive Capacity, etc. All of this “stuff” is hooked together in a hard wored, AND wireless network with a high speed DSL router and “Network Magic” ( great program to keep things together for you and give you feedback). Above that is from foreground back and to the left, Dell 944 Ink Jet photo all in one printer, more “stuff”, an old HP1000 Photo printer, a HP 3100 Laser Jet printer, a Dell 922 color all in one Printer, and a lot more “stuff”. Oh yeah on the far left is my “loveseat” where I sit and comtemplate my navel and read “stuff”.
Unseen in this pix is my wife’s dell set up,(another whole room so I get the tax writeoff for her “business”, and an old HP Pavillion I’m toying with making a server as well.
So are you surprised she won’t set foot in here or even think about vacuuming it? 🙂
Oh, and today as I said got a new Nikon so look for more pix’s.
Stopped at a new Pub, about a half mile from the house,(Buster’s is six miles) they have twenty beers on draught, including Guinness and a GREAT Scottish Ale called “Old Chub” as well as 128, yes count them 128 more bottled beers. (Sorry George and Liz, I love you, but I can stumble home from here, I might have to split my time)
Well got to finish this off and get ready to go out to the movies tinight. Going to see that “Mama Mia” flick, at least I know the sound track (ABBA) from the originals!
More pix’s tomorrow of my Buster’s bar tenders and wenches!

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