Posted by: guinness222 | July 19, 2008

So who am I?

The more I “play” on my blog and computer, and the more I explore, the more I learn,…this “flicker” thiny is very interesting. I put the “widget” (I guess that’s what you call it) on my sidebar and was going to load some of my pictures……then I realize that short of the hurricanes a few years ago I haven’t taken any (color me embarrassed 😦 )
Then I realized why! ding, ding, ding , ding!!!! My stupid camera is a 1.0 pixel waste, and broken to boot. So I guess that’s todays project, go get a new digital camera and then what?
(We can all agree my mind has been boiled and then immediately immersed in ice water, or in simple translation,…warped!) Maybe that’s why Mr. Rogers theme song is bouncing around in my head,…”…it’s a wonderful day in my neigborhood.” And then the synapses all clicked together! He’s talking to me, Fred Rogers himself, from the grave, he wants me to show you my neighborhood! …..COOOOOL!!
That’s what we’ll do, the crash course in “modern digital camera techniques possible while quaffing Guinness, cursing the “How really simple it is” instructions, and the other etc.”
I know I said I was going to clean up my desktop and icons and all, but there is still another day left in the weekend you know.
So I’m off to Best Buy to get me a new camera, and begin the My neighborhood series. It will be great! Meet my “bar buddies”, my bar wench, the Bar Manager, oh yeah, I guess I’ll pop a few shots of the sand and sun and scantily clad,….Oooow! don’t slap me like that, I was going to say the scantily clad show dogs the tourists bring with them down here! What did you think I was going to say? ( 🙂 )
Then when I get home this afternoon I’ll see how easy it is to upload them and put them in Flicker, and on my blog page itself.
I know everything now is obviously “color”, but do they made black and white filters for digital cameras, or sepia filters?
So our new series will be interspersed with my usual “ranty” blogs. BTW did anyone enjoy my Drum & Bugle Corps rantings? And the next time you don’t care for something PLEASE, just hit the comment button and type “This sucks!” DO NOT call the local Mental Health Authorities and tell them you think I am delusional and dangerous. I was knitting potholders for three days before they finally believed me the last time. (It was fun but damn, you know how many pints of Guinness never got drunk because of my absence?

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