Posted by: guinness222 | July 20, 2008

Mamma Mia!! Multa bene!!

(First some housekeeping. I told the wife I put a picture of “the Pit” up on the web. Well after the EMT’s revived her, and her voice came back into the hearing range of the Human species, …well I gather she was utterly mortified that I would let anyone see “the Pit”,…ok so you saw it! Well by next Saturday it’s got to be “cleaned”, there might even be wall to wall carpet in there, I’m not sure 🙂 )
Going out to take some pixs this afternoon later, so you’ll get pixs of Buster’s, my bar wench, Peggy, and depending on who’s bored, some of the locals, and we’ll watch the final re-runs of the British Open.
Now on to new things.
First another quick trip in the time machine, buckle up,….. Poof!!
Boy I feel about 34 years and 50 pounds lighter, ..well I should, it’s 1974, I am 29 years old, let’s see , what’s happenin’!
New group out called ABBA, from Sweden, really hot music, Disco is blazing, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are Royalty, everywhere you go is Disco, it’s the rage. I’m doing a lot of traveling for business so I’m winding up in various hotels overnight, you know New York to Chicago to Ohio to L.A., Disco’s are all ther rage, and all the guys dressing like John Travolta,….cool.
Oh,oh… wait a minute, getting a signal on the heads up display on the time machine, got a short circuit somewhere. We are going to have to return to 2008, it will be a rather abrupt landing, and I’m not sure how accurately the return will be, but it should be within 24 hours of our departure time, either way. Hang on,…ignore the smoke that’s normal on these quick turn arounds,…hold on, I got it, I got it, ….Whoa, what a bump that was, where are we?
href=””>Mamma Mia !!![/caption]

“Money, Money, Money,..How it thrills me, ..aha honey,
honey, honey…” Wait a minute, somethings screwed up! ABBA was in 1974, not 2008,…and it’s dark all around, wait a second I’m turning around here. Oh wow. Must be a real time warp, I’m hearing ABBA, but seeing Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan,…no wait a minute she’s the one singing ABBA, ….what’s going on?”
“Would you stop with the mumbling please. Just sit and watch the movie.”
“What movie?”
“Mama Mia, the one you wanted to see,remember?”
“Oh yeah,…right.” (Please watch your step apparently the movie has begun so the theatre lights are turned down way low)
OK for real now! I enjoyed this tremendously, not just because I was there and most of you were not even of this earth yet, except you and Doug, Sims! But the entire movie was FUN, a real toe tapping sing along sort of “revival” flick, but I wasn’t sure at first.
We go to the theatre about twenty minutes early to get good seats. (It’s one of those “stadium” theatres with phenomonal sound systems and all, so it’s a great take.) Anyway I like to watch folks coming in, it sort of sets the tenor for the movie, you know, a lot of “rug-rats”(children) you know it’s going to be noisey, and if the joint fills up with the “teeny-boppers” you know all you’re going to hear is them talking to each other on thier cell phones during the movie, and hearing the lost (thank God!) language of the “valley girls” you know,…”like did he really say that about Nancy?, Oh my God, you’re kidding!”, but tonight was something I haven’t seen since 1995 when “The Bridges of Madison County” came out. 99 out of every 100 folks coming into the theatre was a female, and they were all over twenty! Oh my God,….NOOOOOooooo! I’m in a “Chick Flick”, too late I’m stuck here! Well worst case scenario I’ll just take a nap and hope I don’t snore or the wife will crack those damn lower left ribs of mine again! 🙂
Wait a minute, that sounds really good. I thought for a second it was ABBA, but it’s Meryl Streep,…man she can sing too! Wait a minute toe is tapping a bit,…now it’s tapping even harder. Oh what the hell, I’m here maybe I might enjoy it. (At least I can understand what they are singing, unlike that Hip-Hop crap!)
Two hours later- “GREAT FLICK, Let’s get the sound track after Church to morrow” (Did that come out of my mouth,…yup, guess it did!)
If you get a chance go see Mamma Mia it’s a great Flick (damn, said it again!), great photography, sort of makes me want to run away to Greece, or Malta, just absolutely beautiful water, old quaint villages (do they have Wi-Fi over there,Sims?) I could live without the TV and turn the clock back a few years in time (Most of us over 45 would love to turn any clock anywhere back!)
But seriously go and see it and if you aren’t tapping your foot, singing along and sit through ALL, that’s right ALL, the credits until the screen goes black, the lights come up and the usher units show up to clean up the popcorn, you are not a real human being,….It’s FUN, It’s an ESCAPE, and ABBA really was one damn talented group!
So that’s what I did on my weekend.

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