Posted by: guinness222 | July 23, 2008

Just a quick one.

Buster\'s long ways

Buster's long ways

Ms. Peggy

Ms. Peggy

Here’s a shot or two of Buster’s,my watering hole. (Gee it looks a lot nicer in the pixs! Maybe I’ll get another camera and strap it to my other eye next time I go in.
The Bartender(ess) is Peggy, she’s been there over eight years!
Hi ho it’s off to work, but enjoy. I’ll be at the seat on the corner at the far end of the bar at 4:30pm this evening if you want to drop by, or send an e-mail salute (God love B’Berry, I can drink with friends anytime and never be alone!)
(For you old time blog readers, the seat next to mine was traditionally where Mikie used to hold court)


  1. Looks like a good place. Everytime i declare somewhere as my “watering hole” they either change it or close 😛 And you’re having one for Mikie when you go right? 🙂

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