Posted by: guinness222 | July 24, 2008

Damn!! I’m so proud of myself!!

Got my book on “WordPress for Dummies”, and as you can see from the blog, I’ve been playing. I’ve managed to import ALL my old blogs from “Pubtimes” and they are now “seamlessly integrated as archives” (Shit I been doing this since way back, I even had fun just going back and reading a few myself!) Even toying with setting up a catagory called “The Best of….” and either you or I could nominate from the past blogs which ones you’d like to see in “”The Best of..” catagory.
Now, I need a little help here. I’ve started to upload pictures to “Flicker” and I want them to appear in the little three picture box on the right hand side, but the directions are Siberian dialect in all my “Dummy” books! Lucy, can I make this happen, or not? You be the IT dudette.
And Doug, and Sims, knock yourself out with the old archives. Some call it “prolific” other call is “superfullous bull shit”, but on ” a dark and windy night”. Also my blog buddy “Bear” who is a Zen practitioner and monk has started a new blog called “A year to live” it is really good and I’ve been enjoying following it. Look in my right sidebar and just click on it, see what you think.
Ok and my friend “Jezzy” also tipped me off to “Face book” so on a lark I joined that as well. “Well whup me up aside a big tree and call me bark”, all my kids are on it, my 16 year old Grandaughter, even my one month old grandaughter Anastacia Elizabeth (Ana for short)
The Mrs. just bought her tickets to go see the Granddaughter in September. She and her sister are rendezvousing in Las Vegas, going to rent a car and drive up to Utah for a week or so. (Don’t panic! If she’s not there by morning, you know like the car never left Vegas, etc. I’ll just put stops on all her credit cards, close the bank accounts, and move to Sydney (How expensive are two bedroom flats down there?)
Well I’ve just been having too much fun this morning and noted that it’s 9:40 am. Guess it’s more or less time to drop by the office and say hi! 🙂
(Love those little I guess they call them “emoticons”, like 😦 , 🙂 :P, etc. got to go find a place that describes them so I can see what other ones are there. Also got my iPod working great as well,…….damn I’m an old Geek!
See you next round.


  1. You’re still ahead of me in blogging techy stuff. 😛 I finally got your link changed on my blog roll. 😀

  2. Tommy, that “Sims” should be “sims”, I’m trying to keep a low profile 😉

  3. Now if I can figure out this Photo thingy I wil be a little less frustrated this week.
    As a Property Manager I need to “hang out” during Hurricanes and let all the “rich and famous” know if thier condo’s are still here and in what condition. Figured I could do it with a web blog just as easy and then try and figure how to make the site make a little (actually a lot) of $$$$

  4. Mr. Guinness, Thanks for the invite. I will be stopping by on a daily bases to check out your stuff. I to am 63 and a Navy veteran. What did you do and did you retire? I just did my ‘time’ and ran as fast as I could.

    I might try out this WordPress, too.

  5. Coffeypot,
    Thanks for the looksee. I was in five and a half, first reserve then regular, was an AG -Aerographer’s mate (Weather guesser/Sonar Range Prediction Specialist) Made E-5 in minimum (3 years), passed E-6 but would have had to extend two years to sew it on, and was facing a sea duty rotation of about 4 years on a bird farm. I finished out on COMCARDIV-20 Admirals Staff slot, and rode the old (1942 Keel Laid) USS Essex (CVS-9) to the razorblade plant.Sometimes I still think about having stayed in, but not anymore.
    Still working as a Property Manager here in Destin, FL and loving life. Look forward to your comments.
    Mr. Guinness

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