Posted by: guinness222 | July 26, 2008

My palms are itching!!!

Someone told me this means you are either going to spend money or get money, (Sure could always use the latter!) Anyway, been waiting around for some dude who was supposed to come by the office yesterday and sign a check so I can get it to a client, and he finally calls this afternoon and says, “Oh, just bring it by the house and I’ll sign it and give it to her, she lives right beside me.” Grrrrrr!
Anyway, gave me an excuse to go ” walk-about” this morning. (Thank you folks “down-under” for that term I love it, and use it quite often. It’s perfect!) I sent him an e-mail, told him I was going “walk-about” and just call me as I’d be in his end of town (about 15miles away). So I went to my favorite haunts, first Best Buy (electronics place) drooled all over thier great “men-toys”, was smart enough to remember my mantra when I go doing this in electronic stores. What mantra,..oh that’s easy, as you see all the “gotta have me one’s” you chant quietly in your mind,…”she’ll kill you, she’ll kill you, she’ll kill you”,…until the urge passes and then you move to the next aisle.
Next was a “neutral haunt” the Office Depot and Office Max stores. I am an office supply, gadget freak,…and now that these “mega-office supply stores” are around they tempt me like the Sirens did Ulysses with “Clearance” and “Closeout” sections. (Little voice starts planting seeds, “you need one of those label maker things to label your files, get one, what the hell they’re only $29.99!”) Now I have to fight back with him,…”But the damn labels are $22.49 a roll and they don’t tell me how many file folder labels I can make with one roll.”
“Oh look, three ream cases of HP 20lb copy paper for only $12.99, grab one.”
“No, I still have six reams left in “the Pit”.”
“Oh did you check and see if they have those new Zebra Gel Pens in red,…I know you really want them.”
“Well,..ok, I’ll go check,” (Fortunately they didn’t have them! Why red gel? As you get old it is a lot easier to read anything written in red for some silly reason.)
“Man look at that ,…on the closeout rack, ..a pack of three little spiral bound pocket size notebooks for only 50 cents!”
“Wow, where I’ll grab them for sure.”
“And look down there on the bottom shelf they got some closeouts on leather camera cases. Did you get a case for your new Nikon we bought last week yet?
“Ah,…no not yet, I was going to ,…ah gee it looks like it would fit in that,…and it’s real leather too, and check out the cloeout price, only $13.01, ok,…I got it.
“Let’s go look at,….”
“Shut up voice we’re out of here.”
“But I only,…”
“You want me to put this stuff back? I thought not, so shut up while I pay the man.”
I spoke up, I fought and won,…well sort of.”
Where to now,…OH, the Barnes and Noble store. I swear I go to Barnes and Noble more times a week than Church. And besides it should be easier, they re-arranged the entire store two weeks ago and now I can’t find anything. Iknow, I know, sooner or later I’ll learn where they put the stuff. But they eliminated all, and I mean all the CD’s. The entire music section. Where am I going to get my new age and ambiant music now! Oh yeah and I still haven’t found the “NEW AGE” book section yet. Guess I’ll look for that today.
“fast forward,….zip,…I’m here!”
There it is now let me see. What was the name of that author I read about twenty years ago that I enjoyed, hmmm,… oh yeah Shakti Gawain, ok where is she,…Green , Blaine,….Ellison,…what the hell’s the matter with these people, how do they file things here, it sure isn’t by alphabetical Authors!
Oh there There she is under “C” for the title of her first book, the one I liked, “Creative Visualization”. (pulling it off the shelf and thumbing it a bit”, you know I think I’d like to read it again, and it’s only $13.95less my member discount, yeah I’m going to get it. I rarely re-read a book but in her case I’ll make an exception.
Back to the car, palms have stopped itching, guess I’ll head home and check my computer and see if the wife would like to go out to eat tonight since she worked the dress store from 9 to 1 today, and then went shopping. (Maybe I was buying as a “cry” for being left alone on Saturday , all by myself, and who’s going to chenge the cat’s water if she’s working? Sigh! Well into every life a little rain must fall, I better do that too when I get home. Maybe I’ll just settle in and write my blog entry for today, yeah, tha’s what I’ll do,….Let me see, we’ll call it “My palns are itching”, yeah ok let me see,….”Someone told me,….”ring-ring-ring, Ah yeah this is Tom, oh ok well I’ll be over that way about three I’ll drop it by then, alright, no problem,…see you then.” Shit,well there goes the best laid plans of mice and men.
See you tomorrow.


  1. I can spend hours and hours in barnes and noble. Their bargain rack has supplied me with most of the classics and their coffee is just perfect. Hmmm, now I know what I am going to do today to rest. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I know what you were going though at your favorite stores. I go through the same torture when I do a ‘walk about’ in a whore house. There are Redheads, Blondes, Brunettes and bawl ones; tall, short, slim, or fat. My God, the smorgasbord of feminine delight. Then there are the ladies that are on sale – still on antibiotics but safe to diddle. And in the back of my mind I hear my wife saying, “Where’s the damn shotgun?” It is very hard (no pun intended) to walk away, but I somehow manage to do it.

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