Posted by: guinness222 | August 9, 2008

And as we standby Chet, the girl is taking off all her,…..OMG!!

Sorry, gotta get the “hits” up somehow. 🙂

Anyway, going out to a really neat place her for dinner called “Fat Clemenza’s”. You remember him from “The Godfather”, and that was before political correctness set in and paralyzed this country. Perhaps if the Godfather were released today he would become “Exercising challenged Clemenza”, but NEVER “Fat” Clemenza. My politically correct response? “…tough shit Paddy!” as my friend Christy Moore would say.

But today I’m on a rant. This Senator John Edwards thing! Man what a gigantic, useless scumbag! I understand folks cheat on their wives, and I understand some wives cheat on their husbands, but when your wife is publically fighting the battle of her life with Cancer, the big “C”, ,…welll how big a scumbag do you have to be to be banging a blonde you put on the payroll for $142,000 who is handling making your film documentaries and doesn’t know shit about film-making. Way to go John! You are so low (HOW LOW MR.GUINNESS?) You’re so freakin’ low you could crawl under a snakes belly and not even mess your $400 haircut,…that’s how low!
We have “moral terpitude” clauses in sports atheletes contracts, but if you are an elected official, who give a shit. Just don’t get caught,…right?
If I were King of the World, the bastard would be a punching bag at the ladies Gym for a couple of months, or his dick fell off, whichever came first!

And while I’m ranting, what about the Mexican National and the Haitian National that just took “the needle ride” in the State of Texas? GO TEXAS!! they are objecting because they didn’t get to see their governments representative before they were tried and sentanced to death for rapes and murder of American women! Shit, never mind “putting them to sleep comfortably” before you shoot them up with heart stopping stuff. Shit let them suffer and see themselves in a mirror, wide awake while thier body gets paralyzed and their heart stops, and their lungs no longer work,and then they see and realize exactly what horro their victims went through.
Think I’m a bit over the top? Then don’t even comment. Just think what you would feel if we took all that care not to make your wife’s, mother’s, sister’s cold blooded killer just drift off for a nap! Bull shit!

On the brighter side the tourists are thinning out. Do you know how hard it is to give a driver in front of you the “finger” with both hands at 70 miles an hour less than a foot from their rear bumper? Don’t give me the “you’ve got anger issues” bullshit. Not at all, but explain why all tourists have to ride in the far left passing lane doing about ten miles an hour LESS than the speed limit, gawking at everything on the right? Always liked that bumper sticker, “If it’s tourist season how many can I bag?” (You think I’m interested in being the head of the local chamber of commerce? WRONG!!!!

Well the wife is singing this evening at the 5:00pm Mass at the church, so I’ve got to go. She’ll drop me at Busters, go to church and thank God I’m not driving and all will be well, then pick me up an hour and a half later, make the obligatory comment about “take a breath mint, you stink of beer” and we’ll head for a nice romantic dinner at Fat Clemenza’s. I’ll order a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and life will be good!

Now I understand venting. Sorry you expected brilliance or even decent writing, but not this afternoon, try tomorrow I might be calmer.

Hmmm, wonder what the Blood Pressure is,…..143/87 ulse is 89, (better double up on the Vitamin “G” at the Pub. 🙂


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