Posted by: guinness222 | August 10, 2008

“…and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

Ok, I’m over it. Remiond me one day to tell you how yesterday got the better of me. Unfortunately with my psoriasis, seborriac dermatitis, and the newest member of our “shitty skin” group, rosacia, I can unequivicably tell you stress is not a trigger, it is the nuclear bomb of the “I’mmmmm back” Friday i looked like a “regular person” good felsh tones, no red “blobs”, very little flaky skin, and then like David Copperfield, “Zap” one stressor, and I look like an escapee from a small pox outbreak, scaley skin all over the place, a creeping red “blush” all over my face (best interpretation you’ll ever see of a career homeless drunk!). And that’s just what I look like. You know when some folks get angry theri neck veins bulge out, their face turns beet red, and they look like they are going to explode right there in front of you, well imagine that with white “blobs” of complexion all over it, eyes that look like a red and white racoon, pure white scars on the face, yep, I am one scary (lloking that is) dude when it triggers. No wonder the old bat across the street thinks I’m a drunken lush. (By the way, just to clarify that, it’s been so long since I’ve been “drunk” (HOW LONG MR> GUINNESS?) , well it’s been so long that Richard Nixon was still the President!
Lots to do today, go to church this morning, have breakfast at a place called Don Pedros, Mexican but GREAT breakfasts, American style with a flair of Mexican, for example the home fries have little chopped pieces of red and green pepper in them along with a dash of Jalapeno peppers also diced finely, and of course the Queen of Southern Foods, biscuits ‘n gravy, (The KING is and always will be Southern Fried Chicken,….ahhh, listen to them arteries closin’ up Bubba!) Plus they got a waitress there, actually she’s the manager, who is a floor show by herself. We had breakfast with a friend and his wife and mother, He’s over 70 so you can imagine how old his mother is! Anyway Dick is confined to a wheelchair, had an aneruysm on his stomach and when they ent in and operated to correct that, (which went really well), they apparently nicked something else and he’s paralyzed from the waist down. But he’s cool with it, I admire his courage. He was an avid golfer and now kids around about how they tell him he’ll never make the PGA Tour becasue you have to walk the course and his clubs are too short to get a good drive. Anyway back to breakfast.
This waitress has this really ratty, old falling apart straw cowboy hat, and gives you tit for tat on whatever you say. We walk in and bam, she’s at it again, yelling across the restaurant, “Male room, big tipper just come in, left a whole damn quarter for me last Sunday!” Course the whole place knows she’s kidding, but she gets a ton of laughs. Things like coming over, showing you the little pad oforders waitresses write on , stick it in your face and says, something like, “Her’s what you’re gettin’ today we broke too many yolks so you’re scrambled with sausage, their dated coded for tonight so someone’s gotta get ’em, oh yeah you’re gettin’ a bit to uppity, so you’re on ice water, no coffee today for you” ,and other little things like a customer yells over to her, “Hey Cary, how much is 3% of this bill? (meaning for the tip) and she’ll be right back at him with with a comment like, “Less than the damn buckshot I’ll show you as you head for your car,….and where you plan on eating next Sunday?”
Anyway , then off to Barnes and Noble, Mama wants a new book and inevitably since she reads so much I get one she’s already read. So it’s a “get -it- yourself” book club Sunday. Got to do some work analyzing six Landscaping bids that have to be presented to a client tomorrow at their Board of Directors meeting, and meet with two directors of one of my clients who are in town for a Board Meeting Tuesday. (Actually I might move that to tomorrow, after all synchronized swimming and Twister events are this afternoon from Beijing aren’t they?)
Well, if I don’t start this damn Landscaping analysis of bids, I ‘ll never get it done. Back at you tomorrow morning early.


  1. Your church must me a nice place. At least, looking like you do, the congregation didn’t run out screaming, “DRUNK LEPPER” when you walked in.

    BTW, why do you have 30 at the end of your post? Is that as high as you can count if you are numbering your blogs? Just wondering!

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